The Enchanted Opal is a Treasure in "The Thief with the Magic Rings" in Sly Cooper: Thieves of the Multiverses. The time limit is fifty-three seconds with a coin value of 372.


"This opal once belonged to a corrupted Neymue, the Lady of the Lake. She was transfixed in an opal that one day fell into her lake. She became greedy and selfish and never give back anything that fell in. So when Henria Luper, Dëma's seafaring ancestor from across the sea heard of her, she came to take back what was stolen. With an enchanted sword from her father, Henria struck down Neymue, turning her body into water. Luper took everything, including the opal. Sheplaced a special spell on it to show it was now hers before throwing it back into the lake."


The opal is on the edge of the lake shore by the rock wall. Rob must use his archery skills to make a tightrope to it.

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