Emma-Holmes Fox's Secret is a sidequest in Sly Cooper: Age of Thieves. This sidequest is only available after the last mission in Victorian England is done.


  • Collect every Clue Bottle and vault treasure

How to Complete & Dialogue

Emma-Holmes Fox is waiting for one of the Cooper Gang members in Jabberwock Falls, the log flume in Wonderland. Bentley is the only member of the Cooper Gang capable of reaching her, as the only way into the log flume is by hacking his way inside. After completing the mini-game Spark Runner, he may gain access to the log flume. As soon as he enters the innermost section of the ride, a cutscene begins.

  • Bentley: (Bentley sees Emma by an animatronic Jabberwock that appears to have broken down.) Emma! Thaddeus told us all about you. What are you doing here?
  • Emma: Making sure I don't end up getting caught by some of the bug's remaining guards, chap. Right now, I'm working on a new case.
  • Bentley: What case?
  • Emma: Apparently, people have been seeing some weird bottles with question marks everywhere. I haven't found bottles anywhere up close and personal, but the evidence of their existence is overwhelming. I've seen pictures of those bottles everywhere.
  • Bentley: You're not referring to Clue Bottles, are you? My gang and I have been collecting those things for a long time now. Were the bottles green?
  • Emma: By jove, indeed they were!
  • Bentley: Then you're looking for Clue Bottles.
  • Emma: Yeah, uh, I heard that the bottles have to do with safes. Out of curiosity, do you mind showing me what's inside of them?
  • Bentley: The safes? Sure thing, Emma. Of course, this will also mean that we have to get all of the Clue Bottles that you're looking for as well.
  • Emma: If you can get all of those bottles and look into those vaults, maybe I can give a reward for it. I just need to find one, that's all.
  • Bentley: Understood. (Bentley leaves the log flume.)

Once the Cooper Gang get every Clue Bottle and vault treasure, a cutscene will begin.

  • Emma: (Emma sees Bentley approach her and she puts away for magnifying glass.) Judging from the look on you face, you must have found everything.
  • Bentley: Indeed, I did. Take a look. (Bentley shows Emma two photos, the first being one with a pile of Clue Bottles, and the other with the vault treasures.)
  • Emma. Considering I found an empty vault behind a chair in this park, I'd say that these picture weren't fabricated. You did indeed find all of the bottles. You even found the treasure in the vaults. Well, if there was more than one vault, that is. Anyway, I supposed you could have this. (Emma gives Bentley a Secret Bentley Mask.) It's such a curious little thing, isn't it, chap? It looks so much like you.
  • Bentley: Now that you mention it, yes it does. I'll have to look into it.
  • Emma: Well then, I think I might be holding you and your friends up now, aren't I? Anyway, I'll need to look into this place some more for awhile. I heard that there were two ghosts seen around here. You, on the other hand, need to hurry up and stop that owl I heard about from Thaddeus.
  • Bentley: Thanks for the...uh...whatever this thing is, Emma. (Bentley leaves the log flume.)
  • Emma: You're quite welcome, chap!

Sidequest Complete

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