Egyptian Snooping is the penultimate mission in the level 18th Dynasty Egypt in the game Sly Cooper: The Thief Returns.


  • Traverse the booby-trapped sphinx
  • Shut down the Animatronics

How to Complete and Dialogue

Sytunkhamen needs to be chosen for this mission. Once you reach the beacon on top of a small house near the sphinx, this dialogue will occur.

  • Bentley: Okay Tunk, now that you have your cane and perfected your abilities, it is time to really put them to the test in this mission.
  • Tunk: What do I need to do?
  • Bentley: Easy, just enter that Sphinx over there and shut down the animatronics.
  • Tunk: This could be hard since I just can't go inside and shut down their lives.
  • Bentley: They are not real! Anyway, Winston and Hood are no slouches either, inside is completely booby-trapped and also filled with guards.
  • Tunk: Do not worry Bentley, I'm sure I can pass through all these traps with ease and guards, no problem.
  • Bentley: Good to see that enthusiasm, now let's see it in action! (Tunk closes the binocucom)

Head to the Sphinx nearby, unfortunately, it is guarded by 2 Careless Camels, just turn invisible to bypass them. Once inside, you'll have to defeat or avoid a Greedy Gecko guard, he can be simply stealth-killed by Tunk, Tunk's stealth-kill is him first throwing the enemy upwards and encasing them in a sarcophagus. Once avoided, head to the left for a place filled with crocodile-filled water, jump through the platforms provided and hooks to avoid them (they will sometimes jump up to attack). Once avoided, climb through a palm tree to end up in the second floor of the area and head to the left for a small opening to enter, once you enter, Winston announces something in the intercom.

  • Winston: Attention guards! This is the big boss talking! According to Hood, a prowler had been spotted in the area, whoever catches it will get promoted and given unlimited Scorpions to eat. That is all.

Crawl through the opening to end up in a room filled with flashlight guards. Use the Shadow Power to avoid them but you'll have to be fast since it will drain the Thief Meter. Once they're avoided, climb through another palm tree to head to a higher floor that is where the controlling section is located.

  • Bentley: Great Tunk! You reached it! Now, if you could only defeat these guards without being noticed.

Do as Bentley said, if you get seen here it'll be job failed. Use the Shadow Power to stealth-kill them, since the impact will be loud, escape fast to avoid the guards who come to inspect, defeat the 5 flashlight guards and hack the computer nearby.

  • Bentley: This'll be quick as a blink!

The minigame will be System Cracker. Once beaten, the machine catches steam and overheats, eventually deactivating itself.

  • Bentley: Good work Tunk! Those animatronics won't be bothering us anymore!
  • Tunk: Glad to be of help.

Job Complete

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