"Is this seriously my mortal enemy? Haha, I've seen heroic chipmunks but this seriously takes the bread."
— Drak when meeting Sly Cooper

Drak Grimsley is an anthropomorphic Romanian Fruit Bat and the main antagonist and final boss of the game Sly Cooper: The Thief Returns. He, along with Miss Sunscreen, are the bossses of Bio-Ray Isle. He is voiced by David Herman.


Drak loved watching movies when he was young, he was very interested in the role of villain and admired their cunning and evil plans. Drak as an adult, made his first crime and loved the emotion and escaping from the law. He became Europe's Second Most Wanted Criminal (first being Sly and his gang) and devised evil plans all round the world, until his most evil plan, destroy the Cooper Clan. Having stalked the Cooper Clan since the Ice Age since he was part of a family himself composed of incredible spies, he was next in line as a spy to keep the family's legacy. Having stalked Sly from the very beginning, starting on the Police File mission, when the gang defeated Clockwerk for the first time, appearing when the gang were in Cairo for the parts, appearing in the ruins of Clock-La's parts when they rusted away, when the gang was in their missions in Kaine Island also when Sly defeated Dr. M, he appeared secretly in the Paris rooftops when Sly was stealing the Japanese Dagger and finally appearing when Sly defeated Le Paradox and his blimp. The story and rivalry behind the Drak and Cooper Clan dated back only to Sly's Father and Grimsley's Father. Drak's Father was to spy on the queen but due to the Cooper Clan's comedic and wise-cracking personalities, Sly's Father dropped the old bat down to where the queen's bodyguards were. They immediately executed the old guy and the bat infant called Drak, had to live alone as his mother abandoned him when she knew her father was killed.


Help in Plans

Having planned to destroy the best thieving group there was, he wanted to destroy the main one there was, Sly Cooper, he set groups of two villains to various time periods for his own objects and also get the ancestor's canes when possible. Having a meeting on the warehouse, Drak was not seen but could be heard easily. He hired groups of mercenaries to work for him and even gave them "nicknames" or as he likes to call it "codenames" which are: Bacon Eater, Big Red, Joker, Harley Runner, Italy's Terror, Jurassic Rock, Wicked Frosty, Nature Strikes Back, Angering, Iced Ager, Corruption, Trick-or-Treat and Sunburn. With all these teammates, Drak is sure to not fail this operation.

While on his stalking days, he was seen by Penelope, the gang's RC Specialist, she was to report immediately on the vulture but Drak was intelligent and ordered his guards to capture her instead. Brainwashing her into hating the Cooper Gang and be a part of Le Paradox's team. Once she was defeated by Bentley, she fled to Drak's lair and agreed to work for him just to get the chance to kill Cooper herself. Drak denied this due to not tolerating failure, he forced Penelope out of his "gang" and chose the infamous Miss Sunscreen. Building his Bio-Ray and the artificial island just for him, and hiring FOUR GUARDS to patrol around the area. Drak was also helping in the building of the Bio-Ray while also letting his guards which were intelligent enough to pilot blimps to recover the canes and required objects or information. Drak was deemed for winning.


While Drak Grimsley in the flesh didn't appear since he was busy along with Sunscreen with the Bio-Ray, he sent his guards to retrieve the required objects, information and canes. He was referred to as "The Bat" by his group. He appeared finally on WW1 Germany after Murray defeated Daisy and Brrr, once a blimp was nearing to the object and Otto's plane's propeller cane, the blimp projected a hologram of Drak along with Sunscreen, he formally told the gang that they should give up on the search because he's "running out of mercenaries" and left them with a warning. He appeared when the gang also defeated Ozzie and Terry, he again projected a hologram and enraged due to not listening to the warning. While the gang were talking with Drak, he secretly ordered the guards to destroy the time machine, laughing as he goes, the projection was turned off and the gang entered the van just to have it crash down exactly in the Mayan Empire.

After the gang defeated Boris and Blade, he appeared again in a hologram of himself from the blimp, he again mocked the gang for reaching this far and also laughed since there was no way they could go to the present with the time machine destroyed. He left them and his guards took Cortez Juan Cooper's cane along with them and Boris's Magic Journals for Drak. The gang finally repaired the van and headed to Bio-Ray Isle, to take down Drak and Sunscreen for good.

While in Bio-Ray Isle, Drak was unaware of Sly's arrival and kept working on the Bio-Ray. Sunscreen only did his dirty work by retrieving things or going to the Ray's engine rooms. Drak in the flesh appeared when the gang were following him along with Sunscreen, they were heading to the toxic waste dump to retrieve poisonous power for the Ray. After that, he wasn't seen until the last mission, the operation.

Operation: It Ends Here!

"You tell me Cooper. Vhat are you thieving for? Vhat are your true intentions? I already have mine. Search for yours quietly somvhere but not here Cooper."
— Drak Grimsley talking with Sly Cooper

After the gang did their first part of the mission, and battled Sunscreen and escaped, it was time to defeat Drak who was still unaware of Sunscreen's defeat until he turned on one of his security cameras and saw the gang. He ordered his guards to attack them at all costs, defeating guards along the way, they gang entered the cane rooms, Bentley brought back the ancestors and they retrieve their canes themselves. After this happened, the next room leaded to the terrace which was Drak's hiding spot.

Finally confronting his "life-long enemy" Sly, he mentioned all the stalking he did, his ancestors, Penelope's brainwashing and explaining the Bio-Ray's function which was to open portals in time to shoot lasers at all Cooper ancestors to kill them and eventually make Sly disappear. As he was starting, a malfunction happened which Bentley hacked into and made Drak mad, he shot a laser from his ray gun at Bentley which knocked him out unconscious, Murray tried to beat up Drak but he suffered the same fate as Bentley, unconscious. Carmelita tried shooting him but ended as the same fate, unconscious. Sly was left, Drak was happy to be able to kill Sly himself and the battle begun with Sly against Drak, Sunscreen, Clockwerk, his Bio-Ray, and his 4 guards.

Eventually being defeated, Drak started admiring Cooper's techniques but showed Sly a time portal to Big Ben. Two Gharial guards pushed Sly to the portal in which Dram also headed through. On top of Big Ben, Drak was furious for losing to a small "woodland" creature so he showed his true side, a dark, vicious and malicious evil vampire with elongated claws. After the tough battle against the bat, Drak quickly struck a lucky hit that made Sly hang for his life. While crushing the raccoon's fingers with his feet, Sly had a quick idea and fell. Drak started looking down to where Sly fell but then turned his back as if anticipating Sly to come in which he did. Sly bashed Drak inside the clock's cogs for a final fight.

After the tough fight against the bat, one lucky strike from Sly's Cane pushed Drak into a wall. The impact made a huge gear land on the bat. The only thing left from him was his hat. Ending his reign of terror at the gang.

Battle Music

Music against Drak and Sunscreen can be heard here. Music against Drak alone can be heard here.


Drak is known to have 4 guards, two flashlights and two rooftops.

Vile Vultures

Serve as flashlight guards.

Ghastly Gharials

Serve as flashlight guards.

Greedy Geckos

Serve as rooftop guards.

Crazy Cuckoos

Serve as rooftop guards.

Thief Meter

Drak's thief meter is black as the night with Drak's head in the middle. The eyes constantly sparkle ominously at the sound of his theme.


Drak is at first refined, poised and acts as a gentleman around others but in reality, he's an ominous, dark, truly evil, ruthless and sadistic bat. Once pushed to the maximum, he'll show his true colors which make him seem more of a psychotic, mad, crazy and truly evil person. Most of his personality takes inspiration of Professor James Moriarty's (from Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows) personality, Sherlock Holmes arch-nemesis and main antagonist of the movie.


Drak Grimsley is an anthropomorphic Romanian-accented Fruit Bat although his actions, behavior and appearance make him resemble more a Vampire Bat. He is black in color with orange wings. He wears a black top hat with a purple stripe on it, wears a black cape that also functions as a hood, carries a black walking cane that can actually serves as his sword and wears a black mask on his face as well. On his Vampire Form, his hat gets tattered, his cane turns red, eyes turn red, his body also changes into a whiter appearance than before while his orange wings turn into white as well


Drak is an exceptional mechanic, able to conspire with Miss Sunscreen to create a giant Ray to end all of the Coopers. He's also shown to be intelligent and cunning as well. True to his name, he has complete control of darkness power when battling. When pushed to the limit, he can turn into his Vampire Form which doubles almost all of his powers. He's also shown to be capable of creating mirages of villains out of nowhere with his powers.


  • According to Sanzaru, Drak was not going to be the final boss but Clockwerk was to be
  • Like Percival Tachyon from Rachet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction, Drak's plans extend all the way into Sly's background similar to Percival who's roots of plans travel through Ratchet's past. Both are also considered the main antagonist of their series instead of Clockwerk and Dr. Nefarious respectively.
  • Drak's voice bears a resemblance to James Moriarty's voice from Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows.
  • Defeating Drak awards the player the "Is It The End?"

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