This is the battle against Drak in the game Sly Cooper 5: Thieves Be Forever. Sly fights against him


1st phase

The battle starts with Drak using magic to summon mirage villains that Sly faced off in later years (Not counting final bosses). He starts with a mirage Raleigh that sits in the middle of the stage spinning with his tongue out, hit him when he deflates and he will disappear and a mirage Muggshot will appear, avoid his gunshots and hit a mirror to burn him up. A mirage Mz. Ruby will sit on the front of the stage and send shock waves with her tail, hit her once and a mirage Panda King will appear in the center, keep hitting him and avoid his Flame Fu. A mirage Dimitri will run across the room and throw energy blasts, avoid them and whack him with your cane, a mirage Rajan will appear, avoid his staff sweeps and keep hitting him. A mirage Contessa will appear, avoid her attack and hit her until she's done. A mirage Jean Bison will appear and just press a button when he's near the trap. A mirage Octavio wil enter the battlefield, hit a tar button to slow him down then attack, the ground will shake while a mirage Camelarga crashes the roof, climb up her boot laces and swipe the earrings off, she will disappear and Sly will stay in the air while an airplane takes him onboard with a mirage Black Baron, wait for the big punch and hit him until he's done. The airplane will crash and a mirage Stone Dragon will take you, navigate through his spikes and hit his head while avoiding his tongue. The dragon will disappear and you will land on a mast where a mirage Lefwee will challenge you to a sword fight, avoid his attacks and hit his weak spot. You will fall to the ground where a mirage El Jefe will use his fire slam attack, wait until he does a fireball attack and use your Samurai costume.(The costume necessary for a boss is already equipped) A mirage Toothpick will throw dynamites at you, hit the train whistles and avoid the wrecking ball and the whirlwinds, when he's dizzy, hit him with the Jailbird costume and keep hitting him. The arena will freeze to a icy rink and a mirage Grizz will skate the arena, avoid his attacks and hit the ice cubes in his stone wall and memorize the steps, you will send Grizz to the wall and keep hitting with your cane. A mirage Moat Monster will appear,when it shoots fire, hit him with your cane and climb his head whack its eye. A gigantic mirage Black Knight will appear, as well as platforms for Sly's Archery costume. Avoid its laser and missiles and head for the platforms, use the Archery costume and direct the arrow to the core. After exploding, the last mirage being a mirage Miss Decibel, avoid her trumpet attacks and body slams, when she uses her three-step body slam, hit her and direct her to the electric rods, after this, you will win the 1st phase.

2nd Phase

The 2nd phase, Drak will fly down from his porch and send magic ball attacks, he can also teleport himself across the stage. When he turns he's back to fly back to his porch, hit him with your cane then keep whacking him until he gets up. He will call his rooftop guards to help him, repeat the process and you will win.


  • This fight is considered the longest one to finish according to the creators. Having two phases and an almost infinite first phase.
  • The music that plays when fighting mirage villains is a remixed one of their original music but with a scarier tone.

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