" I've a got a feeling for some blood "checks belly" maybe I should cut back and eat bugs."
— Drak talking to himself

Drak is a formal vampire bat that lives in a haunted mansion in Transylvania. He's the main antagonist in Episode 5: Haunted Zomcoon.


Drak was raised by a family who loved horror and paranormal stuff. When he graduated from school, he moved into a haunted old mansion in Transylvania where he resumed to study up on witchcraft and paranormal studies. L.A.R eventually hired Drak into his group for him to search for Spirit Ectoplasm. He gave Drak lots of money to hire guards and supply him with gadgets.


As soon as the Cooper Gang arrived in Transylvania, they hid in an abandoned house and converted it into a Safehouse. Murray asked if they were back in Prague, because of the look of the level, Drak converted the local town into a gothic horror movie town with many creepy guards patrolling the streets and Drak's mansion being heavily guarded.

Checking Up

Drak was said to never leave his mansion and only goes out to talk with the head guard manager. Drak exited his mansion, walking over to the town, Sly could follow him, but he had to be careful, since Drak can fly over to rooftops which makes following him quite difficult. Drak eventually, found the head manager guard and had a conversation. Sly overheard the conversation by spire jumping in a street lamp. Drak started talking about the nearby swamp which oozes Spirit Ectoplasm and ordered the head manager to go there.

Swamp Adventure

In the penultimate mission in this level, Sly heads out to the swamp following Drak and his head manager. The swamp was filled with dirty water and poisonous plants which Sly navigates through until a dead end where Drak and the head manager managed to catch some Spirit Ectoplasm. After the capture, they exited the swamp and the only mission that was left was the operation.

The Mansion

In the operation, Sly entered the haunted mansion. Many ghost cats were present in this level. In a dark hallway, appeared Drak's head manager who taunted Sly because of his predictable nature. Remembering Le Paradox, Sly faced against the head manager which the battle was just like fighting an upgraded flashlight guard. Sly eventually got to Drak's quarters where he was reading a ghastly book. Drak taunting Sly with a formal voice until Sly said something hurtful, which Drak took hard and summoned mirage versions from villains that Sly fought going from Raleigh to Ms. Decibel to kill Sly. Sly defeated the mirages and faced off against Drak who used magical powers. Sly eventually defeated the mystic bat and fainted in his mansion. The police were present to send Drak to jail. On his way out, Sly noticed an UFO leaving the mansion.

New Leaf

Drak was sent to jail for toying with the undead were he gained a life sentence behind bars. He was sent in the same cell as Mz. Ruby where he quickly fell in love with her.


Voodoo Rats (TBF)

These rats were supposedly bribed by Drak to work for him. They wear the same clothes they wore back then.

Wizard Ravens

These ravens wear dark wizard robes with witch hats. They can use their magic powers to summon fire spells, and summon ghost cats among others. When close, they react by pecking.

Crawling Black Widows

These mutant widows can shoot sticky webs from their backs and attack close with their 8 hands.


Drak acts very refined and speaks with a Transylvanian accent. But he can get mad if someone insults him hardly.


Drak is a vampire bat that wears black clothes a black top hat and a monocle on his eye. Drak doesn't wear pants and has big canine teeth like a vampire.


  • Drak is an obvious parody of Dracula.

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