Dr. L is an exclusive villain for the DLC pack "Honor Among Thieves". He is the last boss and boss of the level Dynaryl Island


L, having been friends with Sly's Father, Dr. M and Mcsweeny. L was a forgotten part of the original Cooper Gang, only used when Dr. M was sick or couldn't do something now. He was always heartbroken with this foreshadowing and his only true friends were his toys. When Dr. M got crazy, L got very happy and worked with the Cooper Gang, but they rejected him, due to not having the same intelligence as M, he was sent to the streets alone, crying since he didn't have anything to do. Looking for change in the streets, getting rejected by other rich people, laughed at and bullied despite not knowing who he is. On 1992, he witnessed a group planning a murder of Sly's Dad and he went running to his house, poor guy was scalded and called a "rat" by Connor, saying that that will never happened. He was kicked out of the house (literally) by Connor, he witnessed the murder himself with his own eyes, crying because of his "friend's" death. A few years after the murder, word had gotten out that Sly Cooper defeated Dr. M himself and "developed amnesia". He was happy that M was killed actually and studied on Sly Cooper, his adventures, his ancestry and appearance. L then remembered the murder of 1992 and decided himself to left behind the street life and become a mad scientist out to murder Sly Cooper.

Episode 6: A Murder Mystery...

Creating Dynaryl Island

L created an artificial island near Madagascar which he called "Dynaryl Island", he implemented various security on the island like Dr. M did with Kaine Island. He eventually got a hold of M's old goons and hired them as his guards that acted as extra security around the island. The Ground Goresloth was also modified by L into obeying him and M's other mutants (Whale Fly, Angla-Biter).

Elevator Surprise

While Sly was going up in a mission with the elevator, L entered the elevator with a rooftop guard and talked about how much he is going to enjoy murdering Sly. Upon reaching the rooftops, he exited with the guard and went to a cave in the rooftops. He entered it along with the guard but Sly couldn't

Ground Gorsloth Facility

While inside the facility he entered before, L was present there yelling at his guards to keep working on the mutant. Sly followed him inside his office and hid under a couch, L was talking to himself about his past life and his "friends" which it is shown he still cares about. And almost starts crying but holds himself and searches for a photo of them on his mobile phone which he really starts crying. Sly exited quickly out of there fearing that "I might drown on his tears!"

Operation: Psycho Breakdown

Upon doing the first phase of the operation, L appeared on Sly and threatened to kill him if he moves one bit. Not following orders, Sly escaped and went on the van, while escaping through the level, a crash was heard, the Giant Goresloth appeared out of the cave wall and followed the van with Sly using his original shooter from The Cold Heart Of Hate.


The battle takes place while you in the van racing along the whole level with the Goresloth following you. The mutant can shoot breakable bullets, do an earthquake, send a guard at you or do an electrical blast. These all can be avoided by shooting them and jumping with the earthquake. To attack it, try and shoot Dr. L which is in a small compartment in the beast's neck. Once you shoot him enough, the beast will slow down and the van will run out of gas.

2nd Phase Battle

This battle is similar to the first battle against the Mutant Primate in Kaine Island (the Sly one). It can attack with throwing punches, shooting homing missiles, shooting from the gun on it's back or sending his rooftop guards at you. To attack him, wait until it gets jumps to the platform you are and hit L many times, once enough blows have been dealt, it will jump back to it's platform and continue attacking. Repeat the process and you will win.


Getting blasted out of his mutant, the mutant went rogue and threatened L while he was on the ground, he crushed L with it's large arms. L will be crushed and will order Sly to come to him, he will start telling him that sorry for trying to murder him, and also thanked him for making him go to another place with the original Cooper Gang, he then closed his eyes and died.


Elephant-Gorilla-Bat Mutants

Serve as flashlight guards

Alligator-Crab-Kangaroo Mutants

Serve as rooftop guards

Cobra-Tiger-Frog Mutants

Serve as rooftop guards

Giant Goresloth

Once you beat the pack, if you return to this level, the monster will be guarding the area where you fought it, if you attack it or make it see you, it will rematch you with a guard on it's compartment instead of L.


L has the personality of a psycho murderer, willing to kill Sly because he wants to and laughing uncontrollably sometimes. He also has a sentimental side due to living in the streets and his gang's betrayal.


Dr. L is an anthropomorphic ring-tailed lemur. He wears a white lab coat with swirly goggles on, his hair looks like it has been exploded. He is colored like normal ring-tailed lemurs.


L is equally as intelligent as Dr. M, he is also an expert at creating mutants like Dr. M and can even create an artificial island himself. He is shown to be able to jump from place to place like he is using the Leaping Dragon Technique.


  • Dr. L may be based on Luigi from the Mario Series, like Luigi, he is somewhat foreshadowed by his friends while Luigi is foreshadowed by his brother, Mario.
    • The fact that he is also called "L" also references this.
  • According to fans, Dr. L has the most heartbreaking backgrounds of all Sly villains.
  • L's ability to jump from place to place may be a reference to actual Ring-Tailed Lemurs which can jump from branch to branch easily.

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