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Down the Hatch is the fifth mission in Celtic Scotland in Sly Cooper: Age of Thieves.


  • Follow Le Dude to his "secret place".
  • Investigate Le Dude's "secret place".

How to Complete & Dialogue

Gameplay begins as Sly. Head toward the marker located near the old ruins. This will begin a brief cutscene.

  • Le Dude: (Le Dude appears from behind the ruins. Sly Cooper hides behind some of the rubble.) The boss better be somewhere nearby. I have to keep my coolness factor up. (Sly has a confused look on his face, as if to say "What the heck is this bozo talking about?".) Where did the boss say I should go? Oh right! The secret place! I better not fly, though. The Cooper Gang might notice me.
  • Sly: Bentley, did you get all that?
  • Bentley: Loud and clear, Sly. That idiot isn't even going to know what hit him. Follow Le Dude to wherever that secret place of his is, but be careful. The guards in the area seem to be extra vigilant right now.

Sly must make sure he remains completely unseen by Le Dude's guards and Le Dude himself, taking down enemies only if Sly needs to, such as when Sly must use his Silent Obliteration technique to take down some Monstrous Martens, who are blocking Sly and keeping him from following Le Dude any further. Halfway through this section of the mission, Le Dude will get on his skateboard, which will force Sly to run after Le Dude. Once Le Dude reaches the shores of Loch Ness, another cutscene will begin.

  • Le Dude: (Sly hides behind some bushes. Le Dude looks around and activates. A floating holographic projector appears, but the person's face is obscured due to Sly's location.) Awesome, man! You're here!
  • ???????: Finally, you have arrived. For a moment, I thought that you had abandoned your duties. (Sly is confused due to the boss' voice being different from Penelope's.)
  • Sly: Must be a voice modulator.
  • Le Dude: Everything's going just fine, man. Check it out, dude!
  • ???????: Call me "Master", you imbecile.
  • Le Dude: What?
  • ???????: Nothing. Anyway, you have everything in the mines under control, don't you?
  • Le Dude: Yup! Just gotta enter this silo and we'll get everything started. It's time to get my coolness factor up! Cowabunga!! (Le Dude presses a button and opens up a silo on the loch shore. Le Dude gets on his skateboard and jumps in.)
  • ???????: I should've given him the codename "The Idiot" instead of "The Grudge". (The mysterious entity's holographic projector turns its hologram off and follows Le Dude into the mine.)
  • Sly: Bentley, is your RC Car ready?
  • Bentley: You bet it is! I got it working hours ago just in case we needed it. Just let me get that car into the silo and we can really rock this joint! (Bentley's RC Car quickly drives past Sly and into the silo. Bentley notices how steep the incline is in regards to the mine entrance.) Um, Sly, I don't know how to tell you this, but this could be a one-way trip for my RC Car.
  • Sly: Don't worry. Make sure you keep it well-hidden when we raid the mine, okay?
  • Bentley: Gotcha.

Gameplay switches to Bentley's RC Car. As soon as the car is able, move it toward the left, near a small hole in the wall. This will lead to a Secret Sly Mask. Quickly get out of the hole and back into the main pathway. This straight on through, but avoid the laser security. One touch from a laser and the mission will end in failure. Follow Le Dude and the mysterious holographic projector through a series of hallways with traps that the. They will eventually reach a room surrounded by mined metals. As Le Dude and his boss talk about trivial things in certain sections of the mine, activate the small elevating platform hidden by some metal. This will go unnoticed by Le Dude, but being cautious around the metal on the higher walkway is strongly advised. Touching the metal will make it fall and alert Le Dude of the RC Car's presence. Finally, after reaching the end of the walkway, head down a small incline close to Le Dude. This will begin a cutscene.

  • Le Dude: (Bentley activates a machine on the RC Car that lets him listen in on Le Dude's conversation. This is due to the incline obscuring his vision. Le Dude clears his throat.) I'm doing a fine job, man. Most of the Valiantium has been mined. If those dudes think we're not doing much, then they're in for a shock, dude.
  • ???????: (The mysterious entity using the projector growls in frustration.) You had better make sure they aren't able to get here, goshawk. Failure is not an option, after all. And wherever they go, the ruining of plans follow. Understood??
  • Le Dude: Don't worry, man, I got this. The sooner as I catch those jerks, the better.
  • Bentley: Why are they mining underneath of the loch? I need to get closer. They're too quiet. (A Diabolical Deer sees the RC Car through a vent that leads to another section of the mine. The deer grabs it.) Uh-oh! (The deer bashes the car against a wall, trashing it. The deer walks off.) Oh well. At least we know what Le Dude's dirty little secret is. But why did they have to trash my RC Car?!

Job Complete

Goshawk Pro-Skater

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