" Yeah! Yeah! I will get that Ringtail's cane! "Whispers" when I get my beauty sleep."
— Karlos with his master

Don Karlos or simply Karlos is a country, mischievous donkey from Puerto Rico. He is the boss of Pre-Colombian Puerto Rico.
A donkey


Karlos grew poor in the streets of Puerto Rico, living in a little village that got robbed everytime. As an adult, he came back to the village and defeated the robbers that kept robbing there, becoming a hero on his village, he took off to other places in PR. He started crimes after this and avoided the cops everytime. He was offered to go in time to Pre-Colombian Puerto Rico to retrieve Sly's Puerto Rican ancestor Julio Cooper. He agreed to this and was sent there.


Paris Museum

When Sly was passing through a window in Paris Museum, Don Karlos's shadow could be seen along with Wallace Gray, Lion S. Blandon, Lóng Fu, Iris and the team's mysterious leader. He could be heard saying "Mano, I want to go now!".


Karlos arrived in Pre-Colombian PR where the natives worshipped him thinking he was a god. They became Karlos's guards patrolling around to look for Julio Cooper's cane. The guards eventually found Julio and imprisoned him in a large prison like bohio.


Karlos exited his chief bohio and called the team's leader through telephone to see more about their plans. He started talking about the plans which the mysterious leader questioned him saying that Sly could be anywhere. He headed back into his chief bohio and locked it tight.

Operation: Burro Malo!

While on the operation, Karlos was supposed to look for Julio Cooper but slacked off in his bohio instead. When the gang arrived in the bohio, they found Karlos sleeping in a hamaca. Despite trying to be sneaky, Murray accidentally stepped on a stick and woke up Karlos, he admired the gang for their sneakiness but said they are failures compared to him. He escaped outside to a beautiful place filled with water and a big waterfall, Sly followed him and threatened him which Karlos denied fast and attacked Sly. Despite his power and his magical aqua powers, he was beaten by Sly.

New Leaf

Karlos was sent to prison for his various crimes before, he is still in prison but he does his free time sleeping or telling stories to his inmates.


Mooing Cows

These burly guards carry a torch to see and throwing daggers to attack and for distance. They are black & white in color and wear a hay hat and a "nagua" on their private parts.
A Coqui

Noisy Coquis

These small frogs carry a macana (wooden Taino Sword) to attack close, when far, they can stretch their tongues to reach you. They are brown in color with blue eyes and a hay hat and "nagua" (small piece of clothing that Tainos used to wear around their private parts)
A Puerto Rican Parrot.

Talkative Parrots

These birds don't carry anything but use their wings and claws to attack. They have green feathers and a gray beak with yellow eyes. They wear a nagua.


Karlos has a easygoing personality but can become angry in seconds. He is also lazy and normally slacks off when he has the chance. He is the comic relief of "The Mouses" team.


Karlos doesn't have much power due to his laziness and addiction to sleeping. In his battle, he somehow acquires water controlling abilities to aid himself.


Don Karlos is a donkey that wears red farmer clothes with gray suspenders and yellow buttons. He wears a hay hat and also wears brown Crocs shoes on his feet, he is also always having a twig on his mouth.


  • Don Karlos's name is based on the word donkey, giving he's a donkey.

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