Don Giovanni Lorenzo is an anthropomorphic Bottlenose Dolphin. He along with Raiden Ryuu are the bosses of Pirate Age Caribbean.


Said to have been a mob boss working with a certain opera-singing lion, Giovanni has always wanted to destroy Italy because of the humiliation he once passed there. Unfortunately, he was out to get some notes and was publicly humiliated by a gang of pirate deviants, they poured hot coffee into his blowhole in front of his girlfriend which made his girlfriend leave him for the pirates and since she had all the money, he was left without a house, things or money in the streets of Italy. Coming to have a deep hatred for pirates and pirate-related stuff, he soon met Raiden the Dilophosaurus and both quickly became good friends in thievery.


Setting up Shop

Having appeared in a warehouse in modern day Paris, he was unhappy on the location he was sent due to his hatred of pirates but his mood soon changed when L.A.R mentioned he could create havoc in the area. Wanting to get revenge because of his humiliation, he went for the offer and forced Simon to go despite not wanting to. Once he arrived, he left his emblem (a dolphin with a Dilophosaurus crest) on his pirate ship and some flags found in town. He also captured Henriette "One Eye" Cooper easily and ordered Raiden to imprison her in a explosive cave.

Hiring guards to patrol the area day or night too. He and Raiden were tasked to measure spectre waves in the area for their bosses. While doing this, both also created a zombie producing facility in a nearby island called "Kook Kaka Burr" that mass produced many zombies nonstop with only two of his guards being zombies.


Giovanni sometimes appeared in Sly or Bentley's missions. He appeared when Sly entered the food table, where he was eating a plate of fishes in which he enjoyed. He is also shown when Bentley used the RC Chopper to follow the Nose Bottle, Giovanni's ship, he headed to the Kook Kaka Burr island that produced enough "Zombie Fuel" to revive the guards, technically making them infinite. He also appeared when the gang went full out in the pirate bar, he was mad for defeating many of his guards and ran away. He also appeared in the operation.

Operation: Clogged Fin

After the gang and Henriette destroy the various emblems in town and released all prisoners from the prison. He and Raiden were forced out of their hideout by all this, deciding he should take care of the vermin, he set out to the prison to defeat Sly and his gang. While the gang were freeing the last villager, Giovanni appeared to thank them for falling into their plan, blasting the prison with a hidden bomb and quickly escaped, knocking out the whole gang except for Bentley. Giovanni escaped to a orchestra to place L.A.R's Portable Communicator to send L.A.R the spectre waves. Fortunately, he was stopped by Bentley before doing this and battled Bentley with some ghastly powers, despite his deadly use of abilities, and music, he was beaten by Bentley and sent to modern times.

After Credits

Giovanni was sent to a high-security prison with a pool of water in half of the cell. On his parole, he joined again with his old girlfriend and left his evil ways.

Battle Music

The battle music against Giovanni can be heard here. It is essentially a version of the 1812 Overture that starts with the finale first and the first part last. The second phase music is heard here. He also has his own theme which is a small remix of this


Offensive Octopus

Serve as flashlight guards.

Ragged Rats

Serve as rooftop guards.

Severe Seahorses

Serve as rooftop guards.

Thief Meter

Giovanni's thief meter is bluish-gray and it is filled with water instead of the normal hit points. Giovanni's head is in the middle, his hat's feather sways around while the head may sometimes spew water from the blowhole.


Giovanni is best explained as being incredibly sadistic and merciless coming from such a gentle creature. He doesn't care for anyone's safety except his and Simon's and is willing to even blow up a prison full of villagers without caring. He also doesn't like much people except himself, his guards, Simon, his bosses and his teammates. Despite his threatening and fierce personality, he has a soft spot for his old girlfriend and also has a deep hatred for pirates that led him to even lock up every villager in town (even non-pirates) in prison without them doing anything. He also likes Orchestrated music a lot.


Don Giovanni Lorenzo is an anthropomorphic Bottlenose Dolphin. He's gray in color with a light gray underside. He wears a black tailcoat (only the tailcoat) and a blue pirate captain's hat with a large feather coming out of it. His blowhole can be seen in his head. He also walks with his flukes unlike some other villains.


Giovanni is an exceptional swordsman, able to release slashes of water at Bentley or use it as a normal sword. He also acquires some ghastly powers in his battle such as releasing purple skulls, purple mist or will-o-wisps. He's also shown to be quite the conductor as shown in his battle. He can also "sing" rings of red energy similar to Octavio.


  • Giovanni is the second villain to use the music to his advantage, the first is Mz. Ruby.
  • Giovanni first was heard of in Venice, Italy in Honor Among Thieves when Octavio was talking through the cell phone.
  • According to concept art, Giovanni was gonna be a Snail but was scrapped for a Dolphin instead.
  • Credit for name goes to LightBlueLightning.
  • Defeating Giovanni in battle awards the player the "Squeakestra" trophy.

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