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Do the Dodo is the third mission in the level Victorian England in the game Sly Cooper: Age of Thieves. You obtain the Mascot Costume in this mission.


  • Pickpocket the Mascot Costume.
  • Make your way through the Red Queen Arcade.
  • Destroy the computer!

How to Complete & Dialogue

Sly needs to be selected for this job. After getting to the mission beacon he puts up his binocucom.

  • Bentley: Sly, I have a hunch that we'll need to use the amusement rides to our advantage here. And if we're going to do that, then we have to make ALL the rollercoasters, carousels and rides go on manual controls instead of auto. The terminal that controls the settings is inside that arcade. The name of it is the Red Queen Arcade.
  • Sly: (Speaks with Italian accent) A-all righte! Hacka the systema Einsteine!
  • Bentley: Please stop with that annoying accent Sly! And if the system was hackable, I would have done it hours ago! No, Ven St. Claire used his voodoo magic to make the terminal hack-safe. The terminal must be destroyed by force!
  • Sly: I guess I'm the man for the job! I'm going in...
  • Bentley: No! Not yet! You see, that arcade is packed with guards and booby traps! You'll have to obtain a new costume, the Mascot Costume!
  • Sly: Mascot Costume? Okey! I can make the guards laugh themselves to death, But how am I going to address the booby traps?
  • Bentley: Very funny! If I have read Brittish Myths with sufficient care, I should know that this costume can control guards' minds, and make them fall into traps!
  • Sly: Sounds sweet! Where can I found the outfit?
  • Bentley: See that sleeping dormouse over there? His name is Tricky Tom. He is Wonderland's mascot. Steal his suit!
  • Sly: I'm on it!

Control switches to Sly. You have to pickpocket the Mascot Costume off Tricky Tom.

  • Excellent Sly! You have it! Go to the arcade now!

You have to go to the arcade's door.

  • Bentley: Use that guard to get in! Press the circle button to take out your autograph book. Then press the square button to dance. The guard will come, and write his name in the book. Then you have him! Press the L1 button to make the guard run right into the door! Pretty fun, isn't?

Do what Bentley says so the door gets destroyed.

  • Sly: Time to play!

Sly walks in.

Now you're inside the arcade! (If you go to the left there's a large chain. Use the Buccaner Costume to cut it and a sarcophagus will fall down from the ceiling. Use the Mummy Costume and walk into it and you will get teleported to a secret room with a Secret Sly Mask in there!) Go to the right and you will see a Pesky Pony and a fire trap. Use the Mascot Costume to take control of the guard and make it run into the trap. In the new room there is one Pesky Pony and five Horrible Hares.

  • Bentley: You can also use a guard as a weapon. Press R1 when controling a guard and it will attack other guards nearby!
  • Sly: Oh yeah! Back up!

Make the Pesky Pony defeat the Horrible Hares, and then make him run into a wall. After four more rooms with this kind of gaming you get to the arcade room. Walk to the big terminal in the middle of the room. Press the circle button.

  • Sly: Oh! I've been looking forward to this! (Sly tries to destroy it with his cane, but nothing happens.) It isn't working well, Bentley!
  • Bentley: Drat! We were so close! (Five Pesky Ponies walks into the arcade.)
  • Bentley: Hmm!

You have to use the Mascot Costume to make three guards run into the big terminal. The computer explodes.

  • Thaddeus: Blimey, Sly! I don't know how you did it, but, that was...
  • Murray: ...AWESOME Sly! AWESOME!
  • Bentley: Yes Sly! Awesome! Get back to the Hideout now! I want to examine that costume!

Job Complete

Cat and Mouse


  • When you're in the arcade room, look at the arcade to the left. It has Bentley's Alter Ego on it's screen!
  • Credit for making the mission goes to El Grizz.

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