Dimitri Lousteau or simply "Dimitri" is an exclusive villain in the DLC pack "Klaww Returns" for the game Thieves Back in Action. He is the boss of Monaco
Dimitri Lousteau


Having grown up in a easygoing family with a grandfather who was once a scuba diver, Dimitri was once a promising art student who developed a new style of art called "Kinetic Aesthetic". Unfortunately, the art world was not ready for his style, so he gave them what they wanted and started forging old masterpieces, his way of punishing people with bad taste. He was defeated by Sly in Paris and incarcerated in Venice, he was freed by Sly in Venice from the cell. He then was established in Kinderdijk, Holland for the ACES Competition as the announcer, he asked for a favor which the gang replied in Blood Bath Bay. He joined the gang as the frogman and helped with Kaine Island's security. He stayed in the old Safehouse in Paris to keep watch over the Thievius Raccoonus and also locate the locations to time travel. He was brainwashed by an unknown source and headed to Monaco and created his own Nightclub, which served as base of a money printing facility and also the music was charmed to hypnotize those who stay too long.

Episode 1: The Shadowy Mansion


After getting brainwashed by an unknown source, Dimitri created a nightclub in Monaco to hypnotize people who stayed long with the music and also serve as a counterfeit money operation. Dimitri hired his guards to patrol the area in case any prowlers are spotted.

Tailing Dimitri

Dimitri exited his nightclub along with flashlight guards to stroll through the town and reach a nearby computer driven boat, Bentley followed him and hacked the computer he had on the boat.

Operation: Boat Crash!

After ramming the boat on the nightclub, Sly entered and bypassed the traps and found Dimitri in his money room, insulting Sly for ramming the boat and destroying his other things. He was acting cool until Sly insulted his clothes, Dimitri was enraged and fled to battle Sly.


The battle takes place in a disco room filled with neon lights and neon laser beams. Dimitri can shoot blasts from his ring or swipe with his tail if too close, he can also punch you when near or create a purple shockwave by slamming his tail on the ground. To attack him, wait until he's about to throw a slow shot from his ring and deflect it with your cane. Hit him many times while he is dizzy, repeat the process and you will win.

Wearing off

After whacking Dimitri with the cane long enough, he snapped out and apologized for his "uncoolness" and joined the Cooper Gang once more.


French Warthog

Serve as flashlight guards

French Rat

Serve as rooftop guards

French Polecat

Serve as rooftop guards


Dimitri acts all cool around anybody and can lose it if they insult his suit. He learned English by watching Hip Hop videos and learned slang words such as "Greasy Sweet!" Most people don't understand his way of talking, he is very suave with the ladies.


Dimitri Lousteau is a anthropomorphic Marine Iguana. He is purple in color and wears a dark green shirt with a red shirt underneath and has a dark blue hair and spikes. His pants pants are dark green with a light purple belt with a yellow amulet in the middle. He has lots of bling and wears brown shoes.


Dimitri may not be a fighter but he can hold himself long enough. His ring can shoot energy blasts and he can also use his tail to attack too.


  • Dimitri's level was once a planned level but was cut out from Band of Thieves.