The Diamond Encrusted Oak Staff is a Treasure in "The Thief with the Magic Rings" in Sly Cooper: Thieves of the Multiverses. Its value is 456 coins. The time limit is fourty-eight seconds.


"It is in legend that this staff once belonged to the greatest wizard in magical history. He was rumored to had been a friend of the Luper clan. Both turn out to be true. When the wizard was about to die, he asked his best friend, Salim Al Lupar to hide his staff so that only a Luper could find it. Salim did just that by immigrating to the English Lands and hiding it in a cliff. After thousands of years, no one still has ever uncovered the staff's wherabouts."


The staff is still on the cliff. The only means of getting it is Shirai's Leaping Dragon technique.

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