A Shocking Truth

Death From Above is the fifth mission in the episode In the Air Tonight in Sly Cooper: Age of Thieves.


  • Free Penelope and Carmelita from the warehouse
  • Defeat the flying robots

How to Complete & Dialogue

Gameplay begins as Sly. Once he reaches the marker just outside of the safehouse, a cutscene begins.

  • Sly: (Bentley quickly approaches Sly.) Huh?!
  • Bentley: Wait!! I know how high the stakes are, but I've made a discovery about that warehouse!!
  • Sly: I don't have time for this, Bentley!! I have to save them!!
  • Bentley: Sly, Chronos probably wants you to save them! He wants all of the us to save them!
  • Sly: Are you saying he's prepared??
  • Bentley: Yeah, Captain Obvious!! I can't just let one of us get captured, too. (Otto van Cooper eventually gets out of the hideout.) Oh good, you're here! Listen, Otto, you're the only one of us who's too scared to do much. Chronos, Amber and Gustav are counting on us trying to rescue Penelope and Carmelita, so you're going to have to man up and rescue them for us. No one would ever expect you, of all people, to show up.
  • Otto: All I came out here for was to see what the fuss was about, not to get my head ripped off by a fish!! I won't do it!
  • Bentley: Pull yourself together, Otto! (Bentley sees a backpack-like device on Otto's back.) I see you have some new equipment.
  • Otto: Ah, yes. Wonderbaar, isn't it? I made it to get me out of here. (Sly and Bentley look at Otto in a way that told him not to run away.) I hate things like this.
  • Sly: Do the right thing, Otto. Come on. You're a Cooper! Coopers are supposed to be heroic! And I care too much about Carmelita to let her get hurt!
  • Bentley: Look, if you don't rescue Penelope and Carmelita, then...then...I... I need headache medicine. (Otto looks at Sly and Bentley and then looks at himself. As he contemplated on the matter, he took a few deep breaths. After several seconds, Otto's mind was made up.)
  • Otto: Ik doe het. Ik ga om hen te redden. Just point me in the right direction, and they'll be saved in a jiffy. (Sly uses his cane to point toward the warehouse entrance.) Tijd om te gaan!!

As Otto, he must quickly head to the warehouse. Seeing as the warehouse entrance closes as he his about to enter it, he must find another way in. There is a ventilation system that Otto can crawl through, and that is how he can reach the inside of the warehouse. Once inside of the warehouse, Otto will need to use his Jet Leap Technique, which he just developed at the last minute, to get past several obstacles that require both great timing and a long jump. The first of these is a simple bottomless pit, which isn't much of a problem. The second obstacle consists of floor lasers. However, there are a series of ropes that Otto van Cooper can climb, considering that not even the Jet Leap Technique is capable of taking Otto to the other side of the obstacle. Otto will need to jump from one rope to another to get to the other side. Before Otto can get to the third obstacle, however, a cutscene begins.

  • Selfish Squirrel 1: (Otto sees two squirrel guards coming his way, but neither see him. Otto quickly hides behind some boxes, one of which has an item that looks like a wrench-like object, which, to Otto seemed like a perfect makeshift cane.) So, you know what happened to Casper?
  • Selfish Squirrel 2: No, not really. Why do you ask?
  • Selfish Squirrel 1: I hear he got his feathers plucked by that flying fish.
  • Selfish Squirrel 2: Oh dear. I guess we won't be seeing him anymore, huh?
  • Selfish Squirrel 1: Nope. Shame, too. He was my favorite mechanic.
  • Selfish Squirrel 2: Well, when you've seen one firecrest, you've seen them all. I guess that Gustav person was trying to fix up that rocket?
  • Selfish Squirrel 1: Yeah. I suppose. When do you think we'll end up getting breaks?
  • Selfish Squirrel 2: I'm not sure. Oh well, it's not like somebody's going to knock us out, right?
  • Selfish Squirrel 1: Yeah. That would be completely unheard of.
  • Selfish Squirrel 2: Exactly.
  • Otto: (Otto looks at the wrench-like weapon with an extremely scared look on his face. He takes a deep breath, and looks at the squirrels.) Hier gaat niets...

Using the wrench-like object as a weapon, Otto now has his own cane. He must use it to defeat the two squirrel guards that are one duty just beside the third obstacle, which in this case is a series of wall lasers that are continuously moving up and down at an accelerated rate, making the Jet Leap Technique the only thing that can get Otto to the other side. Once there, Otto must turn left. There is a rope that Otto can climb that will lead to a series of crates that Otto can use to get around the warehouse easier. He must use the Jet Leap Technique again once he reaches the end of the wall of crates that Otto is walking on. This will take him to the fourth obstacle, which, in this case, is a Fearsome Falcon who is guarding what looks to be some kind of button on a platform nearby. Getting around the falcon can be quite difficult, considering how little room Otto actually has and the fact that the falcon doesn't move from his spot. However, it is possible to hit the falcon off of his post. Just stand directly to the falcon's right side and hit him off the platform with Otto's cane. Then, Otto must stand on the button to open a door to a room overlooking the rest of the warehouse. However, the door will quickly shut if Otto gets off of the platform. Thus, Otto must use his Jet Leap Technique to jettison him forward through the door before it closes on him. Once inside, Otto must triple jump using Otto's backpack, which turns out to be a jet-pack, and then hit a lever which will lift open a back door out of the warehouse and lift a cage up. The cage is protecting a computer terminal that Otto can hack into. After he beats the mini-game "Viral Demolition", a cutscene will begin.

  • Otto: (Otto sees a panel underneath of the floor opening up. Carmelita and Penelope jump out of the hole in the floor.) Goed. Je bent goed. (Carmelita looks shocked to know that Otto, of all people, was the person who her.)
  • Carmelita: Otto? Th-Thank you! I'm just surprised that you came here by yourself.
  • Otto: Are you two ladies hurt?
  • Carmelita: I'm not, but Penelope got hit on the head to stop from attacking the guards. (Otto and Carmelita look over at Penelope, who feels the back of her head. She winces in pain.)
  • Penelope: I'm sorry that I got us in danger, Carmelita. It's just I...I...I really hate that owl for what he did to me. I don't remember how he did it, but it hurts just remembering everything he had me do. (Penelope has a sad look on her face. Carmelita goes over to comfort her. Otto eventually does the same. Carmelita then remembers something very important.)
  • Carmelita: Otto, we need to get you to your plane now!!
  • Otto: Why? What's wrong? Is this going to make me anxious??
  • Carmelita: It will if we don't hurry! Now come on! I'll explain on the way! (A loading screen appears after Otto and company leave the warehouse. The scene switches to Otto's hangar, where Murray, Sly and Bentley are awaiting Otto and company's arrival.)
  • Bentley: Penelope! Carmelita! You're alright!
  • Sly: Carmelita, you really had me worried.
  • Carmelita: There's no time for any sweet talk, raccoon! Chronos created flying robots to destroy the hangar.
  • Otto: Get me in that cockpit! I have to defend my honor as a pilot! (Otto quickly opens the hangar doors and jumps his plane's cockpit.) I'm so much braver in a cockpit. Alright, you kid's toys, time to lay down the law!! Voor eer en waardigheid!! (Otto quickly flies into the air just as the airship releases several flying robots.) I think I should've used the restroom before this...

This is when the mission really gets difficult. There are a grand total of twenty flying robots to deal with, and they are all very difficult to take down. There are three reasons for this. First off, they will repair themselves if they are left alone for too long. Second, they make tight turns, making them hard to hit. And third, when there are ten left, they will upgrade their weapons to fire homing missiles. Thankfully, Otto's plane can fire missiles of his own, but only a few. There are only seven missiles, and he can only fire them at seven of the robots. The rest of them must be dealt with via Otto's guns. It doesn't matter where the robots get hit. They will be damaged by Otto's guns regardless. Once the robots have been destroyed, one last cutscene will begin.

  • Otto: (Otto quickly lands his plane. He then safely drives it into the hangar.) That was one of the most exciting dogfights I ever had!!
  • Sly: Good job, Otto. That's how you be brave. (Sly pats Otto on the back as he gets out of the cockpit. Penelope gets depressed as memories of her time with Bentley come pouring back into her mind. She looks over at Bentley, who is congratulating Otto, but then looks away in shame. Carmelita acts like she just remembered something.)
  • Carmelita: Sly! I have bad ne--
  • Penelope: I remember what Chronos is planning now. (Everyone looks at Penelope.) He's trying to create this "Clockwerk" thing. (Everyone with the exception Carmelita, who already knows this information, is completely shocked by the news.)
  • Bentley: Everyone, we have a problem.
  • Murray: Not good! "The Murray" is panicking!!
  • Sly: Guys, calm down. This is the worst possible news I've heard so far, but we need to be on our toes from this point forward. No more goofing off. We need to hit hard and hit fast, or we'll be having a robotic owl to deal with again. For now, let's celebrate. Otto did a great job today.

Job Complete

Paradise Regained

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