"Awwwww! Yeah! This joint is kil-ling it! Ready for a rocking awesome good time?!!"
— Adder to his concert fans

Death Adder

Death Adder





Frill-Necked Lizard


Himself, Roc Rol Studios


Guitar, poisonous nature, spinning moves

Current Status

Alive, Rock-and-Roll singer

Voice Actor

Jack Black




Death Adder

Death Adder is an exclusive villain from the DLC pack "Honor Among Thieves" in the game Thieves Back in Action. He is the boss of Metaloud Rock Town.


Having grown into a formal family that only liked opera and classical music, Adder was an outcast from his school (which the kids like the same) due to loving rock-and-roll music and punk rock type music. When he grew up, he became an international rock star and having the stage name "Death Adder". He was approached by his family which scalded him for his music and that they never had a child. Angry, he vent this anger in one of his concerts which he started shooting poison at the people, luckily, all the people survived by going to the hospital. Adder became a threat to the law, always on the move until he found out of a place called Metaloud Rock Town, which all people are rock-lovers. He was a rock legend in the town, and was deemed mayor of the town. He became obsessed with power and was corrupted by this. Coloring the town in his image, and his music was all round the place. Guards were all round the place too.

Episode 1: Highway to Metaloud

Town Mayhem

The town was splattered with Adder's image and his music played in all stations. Guards were patrolling the rooftops and grounds of town and would attack you if they see you. Adder's concert is in a big structure in the far right of town.


Adder exited his concert with Sly following from behind. Sly threw photos of Adder which he was having machines collecting the water from the area to create more "Adderitius" color (it's a light purple). He went to every machine to command the guards who are controlling them.

Rock Concert

While inside the backstage of the concert, Sly noticed Adder talking about his rock concert which he was preparing to do, this concert was to explode "Adderitius" colors all round the town.

Operation: Metal Destruction

After finishing the first phase of the operation, Adder exited his house with Sly following to pickpocket the keys for backstage. After pick pocketing them, they headed backstage where they prepared to knock down Adder with a light. This attempt failed and Adder took notice, he got mad at this and scolded badly the gang for interrupting his concert. Murray agreed to fight him but Adder had the same ability as Toothpick (growing up when anger increased) and fought Murray.


The battle takes place in the center stage of the concert. Adder is in giant size, he will shoot poison from his mouth, do a similar attack of Toothpick (slamming the ground 4 times) and shooting musical notes with his guitar while spinning. To attack him, wait until he stops spinning from the guitar move and grab him while dizzy. Throw him to the electric sign upwards and he will be electrocuted and sent to the ground, attack him many times in this state. Repeat the process and you will win.

New Leaf

After getting defeated, Death Adder started being a good rock singer without any evil tendencies. His family also accepted him for who he is.

Career as Rockstar

Adder has released only 2 albums with only an upcoming one due to fighting Murray, their names are: "Lizard's got to do what a Lizard's got to do" and "PoisonMouth" his new one is called "When Pink Hippos Brawl". Only one song of his is heard in the game, it was called "Frills Up!".


Cane Corsos

Serve as flashlight guards

Pyro Pigeons

Serve as rooftop guards

Short-Haired Cats

Serve as rooftop guards


Adder has a mean personality and is also very quick to anger, when peaked, he can grow in size like Toothpick. He is also shown to be "suave" with women, seeing as he flirted with Carmelita in the concert. He also can be considered an ego-maniac, splattering his face around town or playing his music around town.


Death Adder is an anthropomorphic Frill-Necked Lizard. He is colored purple (probably painting) and his face is painted white. He wears a black biker jacket and blue pants. His hair is also black like metal rock stars. He also has a scar under his right eye. His frill also enlarges up when shooting poison or when in giant form. The frill is he same color as his skin, purple, the bottom half of it is colored orange.


Adder is able to grow to immense sizes if he gets very mad. He can also somehow shoot poison from his mouth when his frill is raised. Being a rock star, he may be good singing or using the electric guitar, he also uses it in his battle.


  • Adder's ability to shoot poison and being a frill-necked lizard may be a reference to the Jurassic Park movies. The Dilophosaurus have frills and can shoot poison.
  • Adder may be a reference to Ratchet & Clank villain Courtney Gears. Both do a music video in their respective games, both flirted with someone, both are singers, both use minions in their battles, both perform spin attacks and both appear as good first, in Adder's case, he was good when he was still a rock star.
    • Another reference is that a Courtney Gears like treasure appears in the level.
  • Adder is considered the opposite of Don Octavio. Whereas Octavio is a fan of opera music, Adder is the complete opposite.
  • Death Adder is also the name of a Marvel Comic villain.

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