Day at Races is the seventh mission in Episode 7: Greek Mythology REWRITTEN! in the game Thieves Be Forever.


  • Get the costume
  • Win the race


It's a Murray mission. The mission beacon is located ata roof. The following binocucom dialouge starts.

  • Bentley: One time, every year since Hyracles get here, there has been a chariot race in town, called the... Um, "Chariot Race"! And of course it's staged by Hyracles! A lot of his guards competes in the Chariot Race, because the winner is classed as "The most high Ranked Guard!" You have to compete, because if you win, we get a reliable man on the inside!
  • Murray: Course Bentley! "The Murray" is going to win that race! With a lot of punches!
  • Bentley: Yes! Punches! But you need a disguise! Take that Minotaur's clothes! Then sign in for the competition!

Get to the guard, pick him up and shake the clothes of him.

  • Murray: How do you like "The Murrays" Greek style, Bentley?
  • Bentley: Good, but with a Golden Trophy, it would look great!

Walk to Hyracles.

  • Hyracles: "So, you want to compete?" "Shut it! I'm the one who speaks here!"

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