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Dëma Luper
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Mystic Universe


Sly Cooper


Time/Space magic, Climbing Cobra, other forms of magic


Cooper Gang, Benedict, Marik, Carmara Lox, Critine Paradox, O'Coop-Er's Resistance, Interpol: Russian District, Dusty Cooparoos, Shirai Coopachi, Bi-en Kitsune, Sumato, Marizaru, Cooper Squad, Carly Zorro, Cooper Gang (Fem), Cooper Gang (Paradox)


Warclock, Mordreggio, Knights of the Round Table, Octjohn, Morgala, Radko, Viktor, Cooper Gang (Reverse)

"We are all the same person, yet we are different, Prime. We may share the same flesh, but that does not mean our abilities are the same too. Each one of us has a different strength and weakness. One of our weaknesses can be another's strength and vise versa. Every individual of us is unique."
— Dëma Luper

Dëma Luper, also called D by Sly, is the alternate version of Sly Cooper of the Mystic Universe. He is the first alternate Sly the Prime Cooper Gang meet in Sly Cooper: Thieves of the Multiverses.



Like all of Sly's alternates, Dëma looks exactly like him. His clothes also have a similar color scheme of Sly's. The only things that separated their similarity is that Luper has mango eyes, doesn't wear a hat and the tuft of fur on his head is longer, making shaggy bangs a little over his right eye. He also has some of a Medieval accent.

He wears a fancy deep blue wizard robe with a high collar and knee long coatails. The collar, big sleeves and coattails are edged yellow with a single yellow line going down the front of the robe. On his arms are yellow rings, each holding a little bit of a boosting magic. He, like Sly, doesn't wear pants and has blue boots. On his tail is a white moonstone ring, which greatly heightens his magical abilities.


Dëma has his most comparisons and contrasts to his Prime. He has Sly's spirit of honor and kind nature, as well as sense of justice. He is a gentleman to those he is close to. He knows his strengths and weaknesses.

Luper lacks his Prime's habit of flirting and strong personality. He gets very emotional when something bad turns up, like when he found out that Critine had betrayed them and he went into a short depression. It can be seen that Dëma is also more calm at some moments and can have quite the temper when he feels angry.


Dëma Luper comes from a long line of nomad wizards who specialize in time/space manipulation magic and use those abilities in stealing from the greedy, one of the Lupers being Slaigh MacLuper. He started his magic training at age 4 under his father, Cornelius Luper. Dëma's mother was already slain by the Luper Clan's archnemisis, the dark wizard Warclock, the Mystic Universe's version of Clowkwerk. The two Lupers were always on the run because of that monster.

When the raccoon kit was 8, he and Cornelius were making their way through a forest to take shelter at a friend's house, who was also a thief. However, Warclock had caught up with them, used his hypnotic magic on the child and made him murder his own father with his own staff. When he was finally freed from Warclock's spell, he immediately remembered what he had done and blamed himself for his father's death.

His cries had reached the home of the Paradox family and the one to show up was a nine year old Critine Paradox. Dëma nearly begged the skunk to kill him for his crime, but Critine, having the magic to see memories, claimed him innocent of the act. They were then approached by Critine's father, Merlin Paradox and saw what had happened to Cornelius and his son. To rid Dëma's terrible memory of the events that night, Merlin erased it and replaced it with him instead running away by his father's orders. The two skunks then took him in with Dëma becoming Merlin's new apprentice as well as Critine's rival and best friend.

At age 12, the Paradox household was approached by two orphans, who seeked to be trained by Merlin. They were a turtle named Benedict and a hippo named Marik. Merlin happily put them under his wing as his apprentices, even deciding to adopt them. The four apprentices trained their magic together, and the first two created a bond with them. Through the years of training, the four were now like brothers, all Merlin's sons.

By the time they were 18 (Critine being 19), Merlin took them on their first heist at a castle of an evil duke. With their combined magic, they managed to steal every jewel and gold piece, but not before they were caught. Merlin helped his apprentices escape by teleporting them back to their home in the thick forest, making him the only one to be captured. The four showed up to their master/father's decapitation and it was Dëma and Critine who were the most upset. They then swore to become the  best thieves in the world to honor Merlin's nobleness.

Through the course of the same year, the four brothers became well known for their robberies, as well as having chases from the Head of the Guard Unity's Eurotopia Division, Carmara Lox, a sorceress who specializes in electric magic. Dëma had grown a fondness of her when they met. One night, Warclock made himself known to the gang and officer. Warclock tried to mess with the raccoon's head with telling the truth of what he had done, but Critine attacked him before he could finish, not wanting his best friend to remember such a horrible event. Dëma became a little troubled, though. With the help of Carmara, the evil wizard was destroyed and all that was left was a gold rune. Carmara easily smashed it with her foot. Unfortunately, Benedict was hurt in the battle and lost the use of his legs.

The next night, without Benedict knowing, his three friends actually BOUGHT a special flying carpet from an Arabic wizard passing through a town nearby. They gave it to the turtle not only as a gift of friendship, but also to help him get around. Benedict of course happily accepted the gift from his brothers. Then, for some reason, Carmara Lox herself was at their doorstep, asking if there was room for a "sister" since her boss for unknown intentions kicked her out. Dëma immediately allowed it and then Critine agreed, hoping it would take Warclock off his best friend's mind. Without much other choice since they can't argue with the two, Benedict and Marik allowed it as well. Through the years, the five were unstoppable, and the fox and raccoon officially became a "shocking" couple.


Things in the Mystic Universe are fine, but then suddenly, Critine disappears. Dëma becomes worried sick about this. While he is on a solo mission to find the location of his closest friend, he is captured by mercanary wizards from the Guard Unity, who said, "Like he told us he'd be doing" and "You've gone too far this time, Luper." Luper of course has no idea what they were talking about as they drag him to the Execution Ground and take his staff and moonstone ring, but not before he uses his space magic to send an S.O.S to his gang. Unknowing to him, it causes a small rift in time/space, attracting help from somewhere else, too.

The Thief with the Magic Rings

Before Dëma's execution takes place, something knocks out the guards. He had a bag on his head so he couldn't see. When it was removed, the magic that binded his arms broke. That's when he sees his rescuers' faces, who look just like him and Carmara. The two look-alikes mirror each other's motion for a little time. He figures out the theses two are probably from another dimension. After the other raccoon and vixen say their names to be Sly Cooper and Carmelita Fox, he introduces himself.  After a short thank you from the wizard, the three depart.

The nomad takes the Prime Cooper Gang, whom he met prior to that, to his hideout in the forest where he and his team live. After lots of explanations from both sides, the two Cooper Gangs decide to work together and see what's happening in each other's universes.

With Sly's help, Dëma gets back his staff and ring. He later helps Sly take recon by using his space magic as levitation to bring his Prime alternate to high places that can't be reached. During a mission with Bentley and Benedict into a strange puppet house, he and Benedict could hardly understand a word Bentley was saying since such science doesn't exist in the Mystic Universe. Dëma also goes on a solo mission to find special runes that can have someone switch positions with another.

On a later mission with Sly, they infiltrate the Guard Unity's Europe Headquarters. To Sly's no surprise but Dëma's horror, the guy leading the mercanaries all along is a familiar skunk. Sly only growls in hate, saying that he should've known it was le Paradox's own alternate that was behind everything, but when his magical alternate murmurs that this skunk is is Critine, his best friend, Sly is shocked. The two raccoons eavesdrop him, the skunk talking about Dëma betraying their master's words of not killing. He talks with Warclock's revived soul of how he forgave him for killing Cornelius because he was in a trance, but not forgiving him for causing the same unforgivable crime consciously in front of him. Both raccoons are shocked and frightened. Critine then leaves the room with Warclock. When Sly questions Dëma about doing such a thing to his own father, he just answers that he doesn't feel so good.

The two come back to the tree, where Dëma isolates himself in his room and uses a lock magic that the others couldn't break. He is in there for a while until he finally comes out and admits that he now remembers what happened to his dad, but it now makes the situation worse when he then refuses to leave the hideout because he didn't want to face Critine's new hatred for him. Everyone decides to just fight Paradox without Dëma.

After Sly and Carmelita defeat Critine's replica of Warclock, the doll comes back to life and lunges at the team, but then a barrier comes around them, giving protection. It turns out to be a refocused, but enraged Dëma who used his magic to create a force field. The raccoon and skunk argue about who the real traitor is, which leads to a fight. In the end, the nomad runs superior over Paradox and the Warclock doll is permenatly destroyed. With a glare from his former friend, Critine sees that Dëma did not cause the death of those people.

Before he could question this, something like a laser shoots through Dëma, causing great pain to the raccoon and making him fall to his knees. When it disappears, he passes out. The direction of where the arrow came from has a cloaked silhouette with what looks like a sniper gun. Critine catches a glimpse of the shooter's eye before he fled and saw that it was him that caused the crimes. Dëma quickly recovers and Paradox apologizes to him for blaming him, which the raccoon accepts. Before the Prime Cooper Gang leave to another disturbed universe, Critine suggests that Dëma comes along with them to help defeat the imposter. They agree to let the nomad join them on their quest.

Rob-bin' King

Upon arriving in a Medieval England like universe, Dëma feels comfortable in a dimension much like his own. He is then sent on a mission by Bentley to locate this universe's Sly, who could be of great help to them. The nomad finds a raccoon dressed like Robin Hood being captured by Squire Squirrels with a black bear and skunk that looks like Critine in armor nearby. The knights and squires take the raccoon's bow and place him in a cart. Two Hefty Horses pull the cart to the gulch, where the robber will be hurled down. Dëma rides on top of the van along with Sly to catch up. He then uses magic to stop the out-of-control cart. The three Coopers introduce each other, the green clothed raccoon calling himself Rob O'Coop-Er. Rob leads the Cooper Gang to the hideaway of his band of thieves.

He helps Sly and Rob get back Rob's bow from the castle treasure room. Dëma uses his magic to help Sly hit a switch and grab a hanging bow. When "King" Octjohn was coming, the three different Coopers go up the chimney. Unfortunately, Octjohn spots Dëma's tail and his loud voice sends the trio flying. The Mystic counterpart slows their fall, but he passes out with a fever after landing for overdoing it.

Dëma isn't playable until the middle of "Under the Hood". He and Sly stop Sir Grizzain and Torth from destroying the sacred sword, Excalibur. After engaging them in a sword fight,the knghts knock the raccoons' weapons out of their hands. Rob comes out of hiding and pulls out Excalibur, then using its magic to obliviate Torth. Both Dëma and Sly pass out when Rob reveals that he is the true ruler of Parilot.

Luper and Cooper are still a little ticked with Rob for lying until the exiled king explained why it was kept secret before picking up the visiting princess, Lady Carmivere.


Dëma may not have most of the thieving moves that Sly does, but he makes up for it with his magic over time and space. He can slow time or speed it up and weaken gravity to cause objects to float. Luper's magic is so strong that it can cause a disturbance in time/space, as demonstrated when he sent an S.O.S to his team and it reaches the Prime Cooper Gang. He also knows some other spells like fire, ice, teleportation and other common forms of magic, but he's not as talented with them like he is with his time and space magic. 

He does possess some thief abilities, like climbing ropes and crawling in small spaces such as vents. In a way, he already knows the Slow Motion technique and the ability to defy gravity. Dëma also knows the Climbing Cobra technique, though he claims that he uses magic in the technique.



  • Dëma's original core was going to be Salim Al Lupar, the counterpart of Salim Al Kupar, but it was changed to Slaigh MacLuper because of their connection to magic.

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