Dëma's First Wand is a Treasure in the Mystic Universe in Sly Cooper: Thieves of the Multiverses. It is worth 135 coins and the time needed is twelve seconds.


"Every child must be given his or her first wand before they become teens. Dëma got his first wand when he became four. Carved by his father, Cornelius, the young apprentice treasured it over everything else and used it for a long time. The bond between father and son have been bestowed in this wand, making it pretty powerful. But Dëma replaced it with his father's Luper Staff when he "ran away" because it was what he had left of him. He seemed to have accidently dropped the wand on his way to Merlin's and it was never recoverd."


The wand is not far from the Safehouse, but it's on top of a stone pillar, probably because a bird took it to make a nest. Only Dëma's gravity magic can help reach it.

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