"You look very familiar no? Are you Cooper by any chance? No? Well, you're still dying!"
— D'Artagnan talking to Sly Cooper.

Cyrille's Father
 D'Artagnan Le Paradox is a French Skunk and father of Cyrille Le Paradox. He along with Penelope, are the bosses of Paris, France 1992.


Information on Cyrille's Father is scarce except he appears to have died in prison and he had a very strong hatred for Sly's Father.

In the end of his shortened career, Cyrille's Father attempted to steal the world's largest diamond and frame his hated rival Sly's Father for the crime. However, Sly's Father also planned to steal the diamond and arrived just a few moments earlier and made off with the prize right in front of Cyrille's Father.

Infuriated, Cyrille's Father, lost his temper and didn't realize the police had shown up and the thief was caught at the scene.

While planning this plan, he was found by Penelope and worked alongside her to create the Black Kong.


Paris Takeover

Artagnan along with Penelope, chased out all citizens of Paris and recruited & created mechanical extinct animals to guard the city and stayed in a giant house that served as their base of operations.


While inside a building used for mechanical creations, Artagnan could be seen writing on a piece of paper with various equations and could be heard talking to himself.


Artagnan along with the Black Kong, walked into the house filled with lasers & machinery while Sly followed him from behind. They talked about minimal details about their plans or unnecessary information like "Ze dodos are very dumb! We should have tweaked their brains a bit, n'avez-vous pas d'accord?" They entered into the building and talked more about their plans, apperently, Penelope wanted to kill Sly's Dad herself while Artagnan wanted to pull his greatest feat of thievery proving the Cooper Clan that the Le Paradox Clan is the best.

Double Betrayal

The gang reached the main base of operations until the "Black Kong" in its giant size, grabbed Carmelita & climbed the Eiffel Tower. Artagnan was inside the mech along with Penelope. The gang reached the top of the Eiffel Tower, and the whole gang knew the whole story. Artagnan & Penelope then betrayed themselves and came out in a awkward situation but decided to work together to crush Cooper. When Sly was about to get crushed, a mysterious cane flew from the ground and damaged the mech, making it fall in the ground.


Artagnan survived the destruction and decided to continue his thievery but was to slow and Sly's Dad stole it first, resulting in a life sentence in prison.


D'Artagnan Le Paradox is a French Skunk that is similar in appearance to his son, he wears a green hat and a black tuxedo with dark green pants and a large green bowtie.


Like Le Paradox, he can spire jump and has exceptional swordsman abilities. He is also skilled in machinery, able to modify extinct animals. Being a skunk, he secretes a powerful tail odor.


  • His name is based on D'Artagnan of the 3 Musketeers.
  • The crude-cartoonish style he is drawn in the picture, makes him resemble a wolf more than a skunk.

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