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Cuthroat Capuchin

Cutthroat Capuchins are one of two varieties of rooftop guards in the episode Coopers of the Caribbean in Sly Cooper: Age of Thieves.

Physical description

The capuchin guards wear a red pirate coat, worn, white pants and black pirate boots. The capuchins also have a peg leg replacing their left feet. They have daggers in one hand, specifically their right, and a pistol in the other, the latter of which has a holster for said gun covering their left hip.


Unlike the seagulls, the capuchin monkeys specialize in the use of guns, making them very good at long-range attacks. However, their short-range attacks are weak, making close combat their Achilles' Heel. If in danger, these guards will screech very loudly, alerting other guards of the danger they are in. They also lack variety in their attacks.

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