Crystal MacRelic is an anthropmorphic British bandicoot. She is a secondary antagonist in Sly Cooper: Thieves Collide . She is the collector of The Renegades and the boss of Birmingham. She is voiced by Ashley Jensen.


Early Life

Crystal was born in London to two rich jewel thieves who tried to raise her with a normal life. She had always been nosy and would watch as her parents would bring home priceless gems she knew they didn't buy. After getting worried that she may find out, her parents sent her to a barding school in Birmingham. Unfortunately for them, she already knew her parents secrets. She used what she learned from seeing her parents heists to rob the school and many other places of their gems. The dean  and others found out and reported her to Interpol, and she was sent to a juvinial cell at the age of eighteen. Only a few days before she was to be relocated to a real prison, she used her stolen gems to persuade the guards to let her escape. Since then, she robbed more and more places, spanning from convinient stores to fancy diners. She was wanted by Interpol for these heinous crimes.


MacRelic comes off as cocky, arrogent, and definatley proud of her thieving skills. Unlike the othe Renegades, she isn't shown to have a cruel or sinister evil side. She is very confident and believes that she can do everything with ease even up to her fight with Sly.


Crystal resembles a tall slender teenage female with a body. She has a reddish purple fur color. Her fur is smoth and curly on her head where it gets a darker purple color. She has pointed ears each with two diamond studs. She wears a simple T-Shirt and Short combo ressembling a teen. She also wears a vast amount of jewelry.


Crystal is extremely athletic and energetic. She is fast and sneaky. She posseses a crystalized sword in with which she can perform many swift combat moves including spins, swipes, and quick jabs. She can also possess an odd ability to control different jewel ores in the ground. Oddly, this ability is only shown in her battle.



  • She is the youngest Renegade.
  • She is the only British character in the game.

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