The Cruel Crocodiles are Chronos' personal flashlight guards, appearing in key missions in Sly Cooper: Age of Thieves.


These grayish green crocodiles wear black uniforms with Penelope's logo on them, and use a bizarre weaponized laser gun that has a built-in flashlight above wear the lasers are fired. Arguably the toughest flashlight guards around, they also have large muscles, especially the arm muscles. They also wear goggles with red lenses to allow them to see infrared.


These flashlight guards have a powerful bite as their short-range attack, and fire their lasers with great accuracy. Also, unlike other flashlight guards, they have the ability to black attacks using their arm muscles, making them much tougher to deal with, and as a result, the toughest guards in the game. They are also the only flashlight guards who know how to jump.

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