"Luper has betrayed the teachings of my father, Merlin. I saw him kill innocent people in a heist the rest of us didn't know about. And I need you to destroy him!"
— Critine talking to Warclock


Critine Paradox

Critine Paradox is the alternate version of Cyrille Le Paradox in the Mystic Universe. He is the first of the encountered alternate Le Paradoxes as well as the first boss of Sly Cooper: Thieves of the Multiverses along with Warclock.



Even though he's Cyrille's counterpart, Critine vaguely resembles him, especially since he looks younger and thinner. His hair is low to his skull with a messy tuft of black and white with two x shaped pins on one of his white fronds. He doesn't have the mustache. The pattern on his tail is different too, with three white stripes that connect at the end.

Paradox wears a big sleeved green, ankle length robe with yellow patterns over a longer sleeved yellow robe. On his geet are black boots.


Unlike Cyrille, Critine is kind and absent of use of manipulation. He knows right from wrong as shown in a cutscene when he doesn't blame his soon-to-be closest friend, Dëma, for killing his father when Warclock had hypnotized the raccoon kit. Paradox greatly cares about his team, seeing them as his family.

When "Dëma" betrayed the teachings of Merlin, his biological father that had been decapitated a year prior, the skunk became cold and angered. He went against his whole team and would go as far as bringing back Warclock to destroy Luper, even though he hated the bird too. He grew a great hatred against Dëma, who was worried sick about him when he disappeared. Paradox wanted nothing more than having the raccoon's head on a platter.

But this stops when he sees the real culprit of the crime he saw that day. He knows when he's guilty of something and apologize straight out.


Critine Paradox is the latest generation of Paradox wizards/thieves and the son of Merlin Paradox, a close friend to Cornelius Luper, who was also from a family of thieves/wizards. One night, a nine year old Critine heard a scream in the woods he and his father lived in. Following its direction, he came upon an opening surrounded by dead trees with two raccoons in the center, the elder dead, the child crying with a blood-stained staff nearby. The kit saw the skunk and asked him to kill him to justify him, but young Paradox looked into his memories and saw that someone brainwashed him to kill his own father, even finding out that the boy's name is Dëma, and so refused to hurt an innocent. Then Merlin came and saw what became of his friend and his son. With Merlin's magic, he erased Dëma's memory of the event and replaced it with another. Merlin then took him in as his apprentice and the two stripe tailed kits became best of friends, like brothers.

When Critine was now a teen, two orphans named Benedict and Marik came to the Paradox household, seeking apprenticeship. The four students became very close. Upon all of them becoming adults, Merlin took them on their first heist. Unfortunately, they were spotted and the old skunk teleported his sons back home. Critine and his step-brothers watched his execution, and both he and Dëma were deeply upset.


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