The Crawling Black Widows are enemy guards encountered in the level Transylvania in the game Sly Cooper 5: Thieves Be Forever. They are one of the two rooftop guards that Drak employed.


These black widow spiders are female, they have a small black head with 2 fangs on their mouth and 8 small darker black eyes. Their abdomens are black with the same red markings that real black widows have and wear gray boots on their feet, they have 4 hands to attack and a opening on their bottom abdomen to shoot silk. Their only sounds are the sounds of their hands moving.


When close, they wriggle their arms around violently to attack you, when near, they jump onto you with arms outstretched, when far or unreachable, they turn around and raise their abdomen's bottom & shoot damaging silk at you.


  • These guards (not counting the Sly Cooper 1 guards) are the only ones that don't make noises.

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