Cornelius De Boom is an elderly anthropomorphic possum. He is a major antagonist who appears in Sly Cooper: Thieves Collide . He is the demolitions expert for The Renegades. He is voiced by Robin Williams.




Joining The Renegades


Time in ???






Plan Revealed





De Boom starts off as old and frail. Despite being a some-what threat to the gang, he didn't hold up much fright. He was cowardly and avoided any contact with the game. Growing old with age, his mind starteed to give away at him. That with his demolitions skills turned him into a pyro maniac afraid of his own shadow.

Upon his return, his true colors were revealed. Years in a cold prison cell fued his hatred torwards everyone. His new body gave him the youth he wanted, which in turn activated his cruel, hatefull, pure evil self. He is persistant and deadly, muuch to the dismay of the gang.


De Boom's human form is what you would expect from an old possum. He has mostly grey fur with a black stripe. He has a long pink tail that's end was ripped off for unknown reasons. He wears goggles with a yellow tint. They resemble aviator's goggles. He wears a black leather vest with two brown leather straps circling him to form an "X". He wears ripped stained jeans with a large belt. He also wears large brown boots.

New form coming soon


De Boom is skilled with various demolition related things such as gunpowder, missiles, and rockets. Even at his old age, he has skilled combat strategies involving his cane which he used for his advantage during his first battle.

When tranferred into his new cybernetic body, he gained many skills. True to his nature, although, he focused MOST of his training and skills with rocket launchers, homing missiles, firecrackers, and of course, EXPLOSIONS. He does have an arm-mounted lazer cannon and built in force field generator, which he rarely uses. Also, he gain much more melee skills which are shown with his up close battle against Sly.



Battle Music

First battle Soon

Second battle can be heard here


  • He is the only character to have two boss battles.
  • It is suggested that he took a martial arts class some time in life, as he uses these skills in both of his battles.
  • He is the only one of the three central antagonist who did not start off that way.

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