"Where do you think we get the extra info in the backstories? They're in these pages, of course!"
— Soul, director of TDGIGN interview

Cooper Diaries are extra collectibles in Sly Cooper: The Dimension Generation for both Thieves of the Multiverses and Thieving the Multiverses. A page is collected for every two Clue Bottles collected, meaning a total of 15 pages for all 30 clues in a universe. An example is that if two clues are found in the Western Universe, a diary page of Kansas Cooper's will also be recovered. There are a total of nine Cooper Diaries in both versions, meaning one diary for every universe except the Primordial Universe.

List of Cooper Diaries in TotM

List of Cooper Diaries in TtM

  • Diary of the Time-Twister
  • Diary of the Cavecoon
  • Diary of the Werecoon
  • Diary of the Ace
  • Diary of the Rogue
  • Diary of the Captain
  • Diary of "The Shadow"

Cooper Diaries in both versions


  • Clock-Ly does not have a diary because the "Paradox Universe" is not a hub level.
  • There was some speculation from that Sly might also have some diary pages. Soul confirmed in an IGN interview that the Thievious Raccoonus already counted as Sly's "diary".

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