Goshawk Pro-Skater

Computer Mouse is the seventh mission in Celtic Scotland in Sly Cooper: Age of Thieves.


  • Defeat the guards.
  • Hack the Glub-terminal.

How to Complete & Dialouges

Bentley needs to be selected for this job. After reaching the mission beacon, which is located on a little cliff just outside the Hideout, the following dialogue starts.

  • Bentley: (Murray follows Bentley and approaches him. Bentley takes out a ruined photo of Penelope. Bentley crumbles it up in anger.) And I thought that I was the brains in the gang! I will never date someone like her again!
  • Murray: Come on Bentley! She's just a really evil, dumb and STUPID mouse that you loved once upon a time! You will find love again! Like my love for the van! I'm gonna buy some Scottish chocolate to her tomorrow! My lovely van...
  • Bentley: (Bentley looks at Murray as if he was acting strange. Bentley shakes his head trying to get back on topic.) And she fell in love with Sly back in Holland! And she was just an inch from killing him in Medieval England! I can't really understand which type she is! It doesn't make any sense at all! (Bentley tosses the photo of Penelope away.)
  • Murray: I don't like her either! We need to get back to the Hideout, chum! We have to plan "Sly's birthday"!
  • Bentley: Okay! I'm coming!

At the same time that Bentley leaves the cliff, Penelope walks out underneath of it. She walks toward Le Dude's mine.

  • Penelope: I really hope that man has a powerful firewall in his super-computer! (Penelope quickly runs toward the loch shore where the silo is located. A sensor detects Penelope and she drops down into the silo.)

Once the brief cutscene is over, Penelope must head to her left. There is a platform that she can use to get to the very bottom of the mine, which was closed off in Down the Hatch due to the platform having an incline that Bentley's RC Car couldn't drive up. Get on the platform and it will take Penelope where she needs to be. Once at the bottom of the mine, Penelope must climb up a rope that leads to some platforms with buttons on them that she must board in order for her to open a door. With the door open, Penelope must follow a dirt road that has plenty of searchlight and laser security. Once she reaches the end, a cutscene will start.

  • Penelope: At our meeting in Paris he didn't look like a smart guy! He looked more like an angry guy! Well, his codename is actually "The Grudge", so I guess it makes sense. (A lot of Diabolical Deer guarding a road that leads to the super-computer.) Even at twenty feet away, I can see that the Glub-terminal is in very bad condition! I need to fix it! (Penelope walks into the first guards' flashlight. The guard sights at her immediately.)
  • Diabolical Deer: (The deer sees Penelope and approaches her with his sword at her throat.) Intruder! Stoap richt thare!
  • Penelope: Intruder? I'm your boss's boss! Ask him about it!
  • Diabolical Deer: Sorry! Awright guys! It's aboot time fur an immediate execution! (Penelope drops a smoke bomb.) Huh? Whaur did she ran? (The camera shows Penelope hiding behind a small rock near the guard.)
  • Penelope: Stupid guards! But I need to fix that terminal! Seems like I have to give my trust to my RC-skills one more time! (Penelope throws out the RC-car right in front of the guard.) This is easy! I can change the front wheels directions with the L stick. I can drive with the X button, drive backwards with the square button, and throw tiny sleep bombs with the triangle button. Oh, and I can shoot with the R1 button!

Penelope must defeat all twelve of the guards. You don't take as much damage as Bentleys RC-car. (If you drive backwards directly you'll get to a Secret Penelope Mask in front of a pink fence that stops you to drive out to the hub world. You can also destroy a black fence in the middle of the road. Behind it, it's another Secret Penelope Mask!)

  • Penelope: Like I said. Stupid guards!

Penelope must walk to the computer and the hacking minigame Data Defense will start. After the minigame, the computers screen turns green instead of red.

  • Penelope: I hope I don't have to fine tuning everything in town!
  • Le Dude: (You hear his voice from a microphone outside his mine.) Totally pay attention idi... I mean guards! My little female mouse-friend, Penelope, are going to visit us soon. Treat her with respect! And tell her that "The Master", left a gift for her in the mine! Don't forget, dudes!
  • Penelope: It's too late, Dude! But, I really want to see that "gift"!

Penelope walks into the mine, and walks out two seconds later with something on her back.

  • Penelope: Hehe! I allways wanted a Portable Time Machine upgrade!

Job Complete

Operation: Loch Ness Robbers


  • The Glub-terminal is a parody of one of the earliest enemies in Jak II. They are called Glub.
  • The photo Bentley crumples up is the same one from Thieves in Time, the one that gets scribbled on after Penelope's defeat.
  • Credit for making the mission goes to El Grizz.

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