The Coldhearted Cats are one of two rooftop guards that are under the employ of Chronos in Sly Cooper: Age of Thieves.


The exact species of this cat is the Russian Blue, and its coat's color reflects this. However, nearly seventy-five percent of the Coldhearted Cat's body is cybernetic, mainly due to Penelope's enhancements, with their arms containing a wide variety of close-range weaponry hidden within them, and their legs being robotic walkers. They also have blue cybernetic eyes.


The Coldhearted Cats are close-range attack specialists, and like other rooftop guards of their kind, they tend to have a wide variety of techniques at their disposal. Unlike most rooftop guards like them, however, they also have a long-range attack: a laser that can fire one small blast, making them tougher than normal.

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