The Cocky Roosters are enemy guards encountered in the level Imperial Spain in the game Sly Cooper 6: Thieves Back in Action. They are one of the two rooftop guards that Lion S. Blandon hired.


These roosters are like their real world counterparts, they have yellow, black & light green feathers like real ones and have a red crest and yellow feet and beaks. They wear a white, green striped, shirt and a white, blue striped, band on their heads with a opening for their crests. They communicate with crowing, cluckling and the traditional rooster call.


True to their name, when close, they repeatedly peck fast, when near, they lunge at you with talons opened, when far, they throw razor feathers from their wings.


  • Like many avian foes in the Sly Coper series, these guards fall if you throw them out of a high place.

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