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"Clone Home Defense" is the fourth mission in "Revolution Justice" in Sly Cooper: Thieves of the Multiverses.


  • Find a suitable mini base at the eastside of War Moscow.
    • Protect Agent Snuff and Tinker.

How to Complete and Dialogue

Murray must exit Heaquarters. Once done, Bentley will open Bentley Tech.

Bentley: (freaked tone) Okay! The situation is REALLY REALLY bad right now! We may have the Union of Vice's documents, but now they have Dëma! If they find out about his magical abilities, they could turn them against us and we'll have no chance of rescuing him or winning this war!

Hacker: Which is why we need to set up a second base in the eastside of Moscow, where we'll be closer to the enemy's cell bay. Chief Snuff is in charge of the operation of the base's layout, which is why Agent Tinker will go with him and set everything up. Murray, you and Agent Smash will have to protect them while you make your way around Eastside Moscow. We'll come by as soon as everything's in place. Then, Bentley and I will get hacking into their computer system to find the location of Dëma's cell. With that in our info, it should be an easy breakout. (Bentley Tech closes)

Agent Snuff, Smash and Tinker exit Headquarters, the two smaller creatures pulling four black boxes in a cart. As Murray, fight off any guards that appears along with Smash. After a quarter of the distance is made, Agent Tinker points something.

Tinker: We're heading into enemy territory now. More guards will be coming at us. Keep your guard up, boys.

Smash: No worries, Tinker! The Smash and The Murray shall smash their skulls in half!

Murray: Hey! That's my nickname!

Keep beating up the guards. Finally, after many waves of enemies, they come to a half destroyed skyscraper.

Snuff: Big building. Pretty spacious. This will do. Come on, Agent Tinker.

Tinker: Right behind you, chief. (both head in through the entrance) This dump still has working electricity. Perfect choice. (sparks are heard along with drills, hammers and zaps) Okay! Equipment is ready and we now have an Interpol Union Moscow Eastside Base!

Job Complete

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