" Cooper! You're back, and I thought L.A.R killed you."
— Clockwerk meeting Sly Cooper

Clockwerk the Eurasian Eagle Owl

Clockwerk is an robotic Eurasian Eagle Owl and main antagonist of The Original Five. He is the boss of Krak-Karov Volcano


From the Ice Age to modern time, Clockwerk was consumed by jealousy of the Cooper Clan and sometime in his life, he replaced his mortal body with mechanical parts to keep living on, with jealousy of the Cooper Clan due to his Hate Chip. He assembled a team called Fiendish Five and murdered Sly's Parents and escaped. He was ultimately beaten by Sly Cooper in Krak-Karov Volcano but his parts were recovered and put in exhibition opinion Cairo's museum. Here, the Klaww Gang stole the parts for their master plan and Arpeggio, leader of the gang, assembled him in his blimp. The gang arrived and Sly locked the Clockwerk parts together which Arpeggio decided to enter the frame until Neyla, his protégé, betrayed him and entered the frame herself and also killed Arpeggio. Clock-La was born and the Gang went after her, after destroying Clock-La and bringing her down to Paris, she was defeated by Bentley but at the cost of his legs. The parts were good in shape until they found the Hate Chip, Clockwerk's life source, and Carmelita stomped it, ending Clockwerk's reign of terror that is until the gang's Gungathal Valley visit, the gang found Clockwerk's eye in a safe and after a couple of years, the eye rebuilt itself into Clockwerk again.

Episode 6 TOF: The Freezing Soul of Hate

Russia takeover

Clockwerk decided to wait for Cooper to come to his homeland in Krak-Karov Volcano and installed various kinds of traps in the hub and created guards to help him. He can be heard from intercoms talking to his guards.

Battle to the End

After destroying his Death Ray again and his various traps, Sly faced against the mechanical bird again with Carmelita's jetpack in a fight to the end.


The battle took place in the volcano with Sly flying with the jetpack and Clockwerk flying in the background. He will shoot missiles and all kinds of energy balls that can be avoided, Carmelita will then shoot a hole on the old bird, shoot that place until it stops being electrifying, do this a couple of times and he will plummet to the lava and reemerge albeit damaged, avoid his electrical circle attacks and missiles and do the same as the first phase. He will plummet again to the lava and an earthquake will occur, the volcano will start erupting, which makes you have to avoid magma rocks and various Robo Falcons flying at you and Clockwerk whom resurfaced back and will shoot you with the various projectiles he has and the falling magma rocks, falcons. Do the same process and Clockwerk will be sent back to the upstream lava that is rising on the back and explode in the sky and the Hate Chip will fall down, which Murray will crush along with his eyes.


Terrible Toucans

They serve as flashlight guards.

Robo Falcon

They serve as rooftop guards.

Tough Toucans

They serve as rooftop guards.


See Clockwerk#Personality for personality.


Clockwerk is an Eurasian Eagle Owl that is gray in color with bright yellow eyes and yellow talons. His body is completely mechanical, unlike other Sly villains, Clockwerk is not anthropomorphic but is a real Eagle Owl.


Able to keep alive during millions of years, Clockwerk is very patient. He can shoot all kinds of projectiles from his talons or beak and can survive falling in lava. His eyes are said to hypnotize anybody and his talons were sharp enough to cut anything.


Clockwerk has appeared in these places.


  • Clockwerk, along with Muggshot, are the two most recurring villains in the series.

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