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"Clock Warlock" is the sixth mission in the Mystic Universe in Sly Cooper: Thieves of the Multiverses.


How to Complete and Dialogue

The mission will begin when Murray reaches the marker that's on a low rooftop near the puppet house. Exiting the puppet house are two trolls pulling a cart with a sheet over the piling stuff.

Bentley: Murray! Marik! Those two trolls are pulling a cart with something huge under it!

Murray: We see it Bentley! Should I "Murray" them up!?!

Bentley: No Murray! You'll need to follow them along with Marik! But try not to be seen okay?

Marik: Bentley's right Murray, we'll need to follow them. Let's go! (Both run to the direction of the trolls)

Follow the trolls around town, be sure not to be seen by the Dragon guards or else it's job failed. It's better to follow them from the rooftops once they reach the clock tower, this small cutscene will play.

Both trolls reach the door with a Dragon guarding it.

Dragon: Halt! State your business!

Trolls: Aye! We're jist bringin' dis up, master's orders!

Dragon: You're allowed, enter! (Dragon steps out of the way)

Murray: This guy should be easily defeated by "The Murray"!

To defeat the guard, just throw one of the nearby barrels or haystacks at him. Then, just smash the door from the clock tower and enter. A small cutscene will occur.

Murray: Where are the trolls?!

Marik: Don't worry Murray, I'll just use my magic to reveal their scent trails, they shouldn't be far. (Marik raises his hands, pink magic comes out of them, and he claps them, making a trail of pale green mist appear)

Murray: Wooahh!!!

Marik: Come on!

Walk through the spiral staircase upwards to the top. In some parts the stair is broken, making walking through it deadly, in these cases a gear nearby can be seen which can be jumped on to go to the other areas. Once you reach the top, this cutscene will occur.

Murray: (runs forward)

Marik: Wait Murray! (grabs Murray) There's some kind of commotion here, we should just eavesdrop.

Murray: Awwww!! Wait! What's that? (points at a big owl doll)

Marik: Warclock! But he's in a wooden state with metal talons. Wait! Who's that? (looks over at a levitating parrot)

Parrot: (walks over to Warclock with a flame in his wing) How's my beautiful creation going!? Aaahhh this looks great!

Murray: Arpeggio. What's he doing here?

Flame: Excellent, Mordreggio! This body should be perfect!

Mordreggio: Uhm, sorry but it's not finished.

Flame: WHAT??!!

Mordreggio: We need more things!

Flame: These seem enough.

Mordreggio: Are you sure? You don't want any malfunctions, do you?

Flame: Hmmmm, I'll think about it.

Mordreggio: Thank goodness! Let's get out here while the trolls finish ok?

Flame: Very well. (both exit)

Marik: This is bad. REALLY bad.

Benedict: So that doll we saw was Warclock?! You two have to get out! And fast! We're done here!

The two hippos flee.

Job Complete

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