"If you care about something so much, you might do stupid things to protect them. If that's the case, you have nothing to regret about."
— Clock-Ly

Clock-Ly is the alternate version of Sly Cooper from an unseen universe called the "Paradox Universe" by fans. He is the final Sly that meets the Cooper Gang in the last episode of both Sly Cooper: Thieves of the Multiverses and Sly Cooper: Thieving the Multiverses.



Clock-Ly, in all, looks exactly like Clockwerk except for the glowing blue eyes.


He luckily acts more like a Sly than a Clockwerk. He, like most of his Prime's alternates, does not have a flirty bit in them. In fact, he seems a bit more serious about almost everything like Sleuth, probably due to some of Clockwerk's personality messing with his system.


Clock-Ly's backstory is the same as Sly's until the mission on Arpeggio's blimp. In an act of bravery and desperation to stop Neyla from joining herself with the Clockwerk frame, Sly 2.0 threw his own cane at the tigress, weakening her, and joined himself to the frame instead. Once getting used to being mechanical, he flew out of the blimp and picked up his gang. They were scared of him at first, but he explained what happened, and Bentley was not fully happy with him doing something so thoughtless. When the latter called him "Sly", he responded to call him "Clock-Ly".


Clock-Ly and his friends are attacked by the evil Cooper Gang to gain data on Clock-Ly's frame so they can create their own Clockwerk, using a Cooper from another universe. Wanting to thwart their plans, Bentley 2.0 creates their own Continuum Jumper, implanting a copy into Clock-Ly. The gang, along with Carmelita 2.0, who snuck onto Clock-Ly's back, head to the Reverse Universe, where the evil Cooper Gang is from.

The Last Thief Standing

When the Prime Cooper Gang discovers the gang against their evil counterparts, Clock-Ly and his gang is with them.



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