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"Clean Bugs" is the third mission in "Revolution Justice" in Sly Cooper: Thieves of the Multiverses.


  • Get to the enemy's secret underground computer.
  • Hack into the computer's files.

How to Complete and Dialogue

Spy must be chosen for this mission. The marker is is the entrance to the subway. After the loading screen, Spy and Dëma are seen reaching the bottom of the stairs.

Hacker: All right you two. According to the files you stole, Spy, Radko and Viktor have their mother computer somewhere down here in the ruins of the subway. We need is the information on their plans and the mother computer is the best source. (amused) Once Bentley and I are done hacking, you guys can blow it up.

Spy: (slightly happy) We get to blow it up? That's music to my ears.

Dëma: Oh boy... This one's a pyromaniac.

Spy: I am not. I'm sure there's a real crazy version of us out there, but I don't want to know where. Let's just go find that computer.

There will be some eel and beaver guards you will need to take out. Avoid the flashlights of the Manatees. Just keep following the compass down the second to farthest tunnel from the point of entry. Soon, the two raccoons will come to another platform, but this time with lasers instead of guards.

Bentley: Dëma, this is where you come in. Those laser grids on the floor are too fast to jump over. You'll need to use your time magic to make things go at a more suitable pace.

Dëma: Naturally.

Press the L2 Button to use Dëma's time magic. While this is happening, jump over the lasers. Time to time, you will need to get on a pile of scrap in the tunnel while Dëma's Thief Gauge refills. Finally, they reach a huge flat screen computer with a pale green screen.

Bentley: That's it, guys. And judging by the material, it's very fragile to easily make it explode once Hacker and I hack into it.

Spy puts in a special code that allows the two turtles to hack in. There are two hack minigames in this. The first is a Spark Runner.

Hacker: Woah, it's been quite some while with this little spark. I can move it around by moving the controler in the needed direction.

The second one is Viral Demolition.

Bentley: Ooo, I love this little game. I just need to match the orbs with their corresponding colors. Three in a row should do the trick.

Once both are done, the loading screen will come up.

Hacker: Excellent! We've got all documents downloaded to Headquarters! Not a single page missed! Oh, you can blow it up now.

Spy evilly chuckles as he places several claw blombs all over the computer. Dëma keeps backing away with a little fear on his face. After several seconds of offbeat beeping, the bombs explode with the computer, causing a huge thick smoke and dust cloud to rise. Spy coughs a bit.

Spy: Ha ha! Smash would've loved that! After a few seconds, BOOM!

Dëma: Pyromaniac. (couch, cough) Seriously though, for-- Hey! (sound of metal hitting the floor is heard) Let me go! Get your slimy hands off me! Spy help!

Spy: Dëma?! (swats away smoke and dust)

His foot kicks something skinny, but pretty heavy. He looks down at the floor and to his horror is Dëma's staff. The agent kneels down do grab it.

Hacker: Spy! We lost connection with you two for a moment! Now we can't contact Dëma! What happened?!

Spy: They took him, Hacker. (moment of pause while holding up Dëma's staff) They took Dëma.

Job Complete?!

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