"Chronos", a.k.a. Professor Edmund Malsenrus Remus, is an anthropomorphic Eurasian Eagle-Owl who appears in Sly Cooper: Age of Thieves. He is not only the main antagonist of the game, but he is also its final boss. He is voiced by Billy Zane.


Prof. Edmund Malsenrus Remus, a.k.a. "Chronos" as he is called on the ThiefNet forums and chatrooms, was a thief and murderer who often had several conflicts with Sly's Father back in his glory days. While Sly's Father was an honorable thief who stole from criminals, Prof. Remus included, Prof. Remus stole from just about anyone, using his skills in psychology and fear to intimidate victims and make them give up their loot. Prof. Remus had eventually accumulated enough money to purchase his own army, who proceeded to commit successful and heinous crimes in his name, all of which no one would ever solve and would involve the deaths of many law-abiding citizens. This effectively made Prof. Remus one of the most powerful and feared crime bosses in the world, though only some people actually knew of his existence. Later on, he became obsessed with the Cooper Clan's arch-nemesis, Clockwerk, and longed to emulate his murderous ways. This made him transition from a crime boss to "something far worse than that".


The ThiefNet Years

For awhile, Prof. Remus, having been the secret founder of ThiefNet (known on the site simply as Chronos), had long been following the Cooper Gang's exploits, selling Sly Cooper and the gang new abilities as a way of studying them. However, the professor came into contact with fellow computer wiz Penelope, a.k.a Air_Heart_Babe, and the two began exchanging information with one another. After awhile, specifically after the Cooper Gang disbanded, Penelope and Prof. Remus, who at this point began calling himself Chronos officially, began talking about Sly Cooper, who had long been a topic neither was willing to talk about. It was here that Chronos knew that she could be manipulated, seeing as Chronos was good at using psychology and all.

After making a psychological profile of Penelope, he began to mess with her head, asking her questions such as "Are you sure you can trust Sly?" and "You don't think he abandoned you all for something "better", do you?". All of these questions would get Penelope thinking, as he knew she would, and when Clockwerk was brought up and discussed, Penelope came to the conclusion that time-travel was the only possible way for the ancient owl to ever exist in the first place, and that the only person who could make him exist was either Bentley or herself. This was exactly what Chronos wanted, and Penelope was gullible enough to believe Chronos' words about keeping it confidential. After Penelope began a self-induced hypnosis, which she used to get rid of any hesitation and guilt regarding her upcoming betrayal of both Bentley and the Cooper Gang as a whole, Chronos hacked the machine, hypnotizing Penelope and scrambled her brain, making her completely irrational, and making Chronos the master over her mind. From that point onward, Penelope was Chronos' puppet, albeit a somewhat independent one.

The Le Paradox Affair

When Penelope sold Cyrille Le Paradox the time machine plans, Chronos' hold over Penelope grew to new heights. Chronos became so cocky regarding Penelope that he made her place his logo, an owl with a clock for a body, in Medieval England in the form of a clock tower and having many owls for rooftop guards, literally telling the world that his influence was definitely there. However, the Cooper Gang was unable to connect the dots, as they were too preoccupied with the Black Knight and Sir Galleth Cooper. Once Penelope had been defeated and placed in prison, she quickly escaped, having been contacted by Chronos via the special optical device she was wearing at the time. She began leaving her emblem and sending postcards to Bentley, her subconscious way of making sure Bentley could remember her. Chronos would scold her for this, as his plans didn't involve the Cooper Gang any longer. Only Clockwerk was important, and Chronos desperately wanted Penelope and some of his connections to fully cooperate with him on bringing the bird to life.

Hiring Help

Chronos knew he needed help to bring back Clockwerk, but Penelope's resistance to her own hypnosis was beginning to kick in. This prompted Chronos to use a machine that would make Penelope completely unable to remember much about Clockwerk or his involvement Chronos' plans, not to mention the many good times she had with the Cooper Gang. This would negate her lack of cooperation. Afterward, Chronos managed to contact Qwerty, Ven St. Claire, Amber, Gustav Gale, and Le Dude to aid the duo in their time-traveling escapades, with each being given a codename having to do with their personality, mind, and in Chronos' case, status, all of which would have later use. They were then given specific assignments, including Penelope herself:

Qwerty: Find a rare/extinct bird (or its wing) of a specific species that lived at a certain time in the past, make exact measurements for the construction phase, and kill Sly Cooper and his gang should they interfere.

Le Dude: Mine important metals for the construction phase and the weapons development phase.

Penelope: Research emotions and find a way to transfer negative ones into energy in the form of the Hate Chip, which would also emulate the personality and mental traits of Chronos' mercenaries, hence their earlier codename designations.

Ven St. Claire: Perfect voodoo skills and use them to amplify the strength of the metal on Clockwerk's body, transfer the future consciousness of Clockwerk into the Clockwerk Frame, and also give it a way to heal itself.

Gustav Gale and Amber: Use the metals from Le Dude to construct Clockwerk and build Clockwerk's weapons, along with developing the technical aspects of Clockwerk and create a prototype for good measure.

With everyone's orders having been given, they each went to different time periods, while Chronos monitored things from behind the scenes, having his guards occasionally checking up on everyone's progress.

Rob Like an Egyptian

During the events of Rob Like an Egyptian, Chronos was neither mentioned or referred to. He didn't even have an appearance there. However, his hyena guards were a common sight within the walls of Slytunkhamen's prison, and the cat guards patrolled Qwerty's base of operations. Chronos' crocodile flashlight guards, on the other hand, were only present to get the Wing of Ra from Qwerty before and after his battle with Sly.


Le Dude and Chronos were having a conversation together that Sly and eventually Bentley were eavesdropping on, though it is at first believed to be Penelope that Le Dude is speaking to, mainly due to the distorted voice and the fact that no one could see Chronos' face. Chronos' guards patrolled the mine underneath the loch, with one cat guard coercing Le Dude to continue working when it looked like he was slacking off.

Coopers of the Caribbean

Penelope and Chronos have a conversation regarding the analysis of emotions. Again, no one saw Chronos' face, and Chrono's name was never mentioned. It is believed by the Cooper Gang that Penelope is merely speaking to her computer AI.

Alice in Cooperland

It is in Victorian England where Chronos finally makes a major appearance. He appears at the end of the gang's adventures in Wonderland, where he silences Ven St. Claire for not following his orders. At the same time, however, Penelope recognized him as "Chronos", the person she met on ThiefNet. Shortly after Chronos left, the tampering of Penelope's mind was wearing off, causing her to remain in a state of shock.

In the Air Tonight

While Chronos is in WW1 Netherlands, he communicates with Amber and Gustav during one of the Cooper Gang's last jobs there, where he informs them that Sly Cooper's presence has forced him to activate the prototype Clockwerk ahead of schedule, but is infuriated by the fact that Gustav's men haven't even constructed the machine entirely yet. This forced Gustav and Amber to get sloppy, making them cut corners so that they may meet the new deadline. Upon learning that Gustav and Amber were defeated, he decides to face the Cooper Gang himself, but in a time period of his choosing.

Out of Touch, Out of Time

Chronos was directly involved with the events here, taunting the heroes as they went through Paris and fending off Chronos' guards. Eventually, they reached the Cooper household, where Sly was unfortunate enough to see

Sly and Chronos eventually faced each other personally, deep within Chronos' hideout. As the two battled, the arena in which they were locked in combat made them travel to the previous time periods the Cooper Gang had visited, including the time periods they went to during the Le Paradox fiasco. Eventually, the two ended up back in the satellite, but in a different room, one that had a dormant Clockwerk in it. Chronos, in an act of desperation, used Ven St. Claire's voodoo book of spells to transfer his consciousness into the Clockwerk Frame. To Sly's great horror and anger, he had been fighting Clockwerk himself the entire time. All of this time, he had just been making history go accordingly, unintentionally making his own worst enemy. Chronos, now calling himself "Clockwerk" to anger Sly Cooper, tried to crush Sly Cooper under his talons, but Sly damaged an important machine in the big bird's hangar, shocking Clockwerk enough to send sparks flying everywhere, frying Chronos' body, and, after the Cooper Gang evacuated the satellite, blowing up the satellite with Clockwerk still inside. But Clockwerk wasn't finished yet; he was being sucked into a wormhole through time and he wanted to take Sly Cooper with him. But Penelope's quick-thinking sealed Clockwerk's fate when she attached one of Bentley's Sticky Bombs to her RC Car, blowing up in Clockwerk's face and dazing him enough to be sucked into the void, where he was sent to another time period. With the knowledge of who he had just become, Clockwerk waited, knowing he'd finally get what he always wanted as Chronos: a chance to kill Sly's Father, and to succeed in doing so. Even though he knew Sly would destroy him someday, Clockwerk knew that it would be worth the wait.

He is later referenced in the sequel, Sly Cooper: The Dimension Generation from time to time.


Chronos is a tall, ominous-looking man with slightly dark brown feathers and mahogany eyes. His unibrow is dirt brown, and his talons were tan. He wore a black tuxedo, believing that it someone was going to commit a crime then they'd have to do it in style. Unlike the tuxedoes worn by his henchman, they lack the usual Penelope emblem, which was only added to conceal the true mastermind behind the Clockwerk affair. Rather, Chronos simply has his own logo (a clock with all hands pointing to six o'clock and an owl's head on top of it) on his back. He carries a scythe with him at all times, purposefully referencing the Grim Reaper and Father Time by doing this.


Cruel and sadistic, Chronos is arguably the most psychopathic enemy that the Cooper Gang has ever encountered. Chronos sees people's lives as objects, and he believes that the more lives he takes, the more objects that he can steal, making him not only psychopathic, but insane as well. He prides himself in his ability to manipulate others, and is no stranger to treachery, having betrayed some of his own soldiers many times in the past. He finds torture to be entertaining, having done terrible things in the past and enjoyed each of them. Cold and calculating, he likes strategies that make him completely unseen to the authorities, thereby making him look totally innocent while he makes others suffer. He hates Sly's Father with a burning passion, admiring Clockwerk for killing him, and he shares this sentiment in regards to Sly, though Chronos wishes to kill Sly himself.


Being an Eurasian Eagle-Owl, Chronos has the ability to fly, though he can't fly long distances. Because he is an owl, he can also see in the dark, making hiding from him exceedingly difficult. He also has skills at manipulating others, especially Penelope, one of his worst victims. He also has the bizarre ability to control darkness in battle, an ability that he refused to discuss to others. For example, one thing this ability is useful for is detecting where people are and what they are doing within a specific proximity of Chronos, specifically 3-yards.


Cruel Crocodiles

These are Chronos' flashlight guards. When all else fails, these elite guards are sent to quell any obstacle in their way. They are without a doubt one of the toughest guards around, constantly watching each other's backs and keeping their eyes peeled for any presence of the Cooper Gang.

Coldhearted Cats

The Coldhearted Cats are the backup enforcers that work for Chronos and, for a time, Penelope. Having most of their bodies enhanced with cybernetics, these rooftop guards were programmed with one goal in mind: killing anyone or anything related to the Cooper Gang in any positive way.

Heinous Hyenas

The Heinous Hyenas act of Chronos' personal enforcers and guards, often accompanying him whenever he does business somewhere. Besides the flashlight guards, they are the only purely organic henchman Chronos has in his arsenal.



  • Chronos gave himself the codename "The Master" due to both him controlling the actions of his underlings in each time period, and as a joke, in this case one that refers to Penelope's codename, "The Mind", becoming a play on the word "mastermind".
  • Chronos' guards, like Cyrille Le Paradox's, are found in every time period in the game.
  • Defeating Chronos will award the players with the "Time's Up" Trophy.
  • The fact that Chronos becomes Clockwerk technically means that he is deceased.
  • Chronos' last name, Remus, is based on Remus and Romulus, two brothers who argued over where Rome should be built. Remus was killed when he insulted the walls and founder of Rome, Romulus, when he tried jumping over its walls. This is fitting, as Chronos was defeated by Sly Cooper for going against the Cooper family.
  • Credit for Chronos' middle name, Malsenrus, goes to Justin Holland.

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