The Chariot Race is a racing mini game in the game Sly Cooper 5: Thieves Be Forever. It can be played in the mission Day at the Races.


According to Bentley's Tech, the chariot race was an event that happened every one year. Since Hyracles was in control of the city, he staged the event and competed for the prize who was high-ranked guard for him. Many guards of him competed for the prize.

How to Beat

You start last, you also don't have a chariot but Murray uses his van along with horses to help become a "chariot". The first one is obviously Hyracles while 2nd to 7th are his guards, after the trumpet horn sounds, hit X to accelerate while Square to go back. This race has 3 laps and also has no rules, the guards can attack you if you're too close with the Harpys doing a flying headbutt at the van, the snakes look at you & immobilize you with their powers & the minotaurs slam their heads at you or throw a spear. Hyracles is always first no matter what, if you get first than him, he will go crazy & ride erratically and shoot fireballs at you. Boosts are also present to help & various obstacles.


If you win, Murray will step out his van & receive a gold trophy for winning and funnily enough a hug from Hyracles and get promoted to high-ranking guard. Then it was mission complete for Murray.

Secret Sly Mask

If you go back and repeat the job, you could win the high score which is a Secret Sly Mask, if you already won it, you'll win 1,000 coins.


  • If you get 8th place, a scene with Hyracles burning the Cooper Van is shown. If you get 3rd place, you will get nagged by Bentley and if you get 2nd place, you will get licked by your horses with Hyracles in the background receiving his trophy.

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