Celtic Scotland, also known by the episode name "Braverobber", is a time period in Sly Cooper: Age of Thieves.


Smile for the Camera!

Sly must take recon photos to benefit the rest of the gang in future missions.


Sly must rescue Slaigh MacCooper from Le Dude's fortress with some help from Bentley.

That Magic Feeling

Slaigh must collect pieces of the Wizard Costume for Sly to aid him in later jobs.

Monsters Ahoy

While in his Wizard Costume, Sly must find a way to convince the Loch Ness Monster to assist the Cooper Gang.

Down the Hatch

After Sly finds out where Le Dude's secret place is, Bentley must infiltrate it with his RC Car and learn about what's inside.

Goshawk Pro-Skater

While Sly is distracting Le Dude in a skateboarding competition, Carmelita must destroy some surveillance robots to make their main assault easier to pull off.

Computer Mouse

When Penelope tries to inspect Le Dude's mine, she must defend herself from Le Dude's guards and hack into the mine's main computer so that she may improve the firewall.

Operation: Loch Ness Robbers

While Nessie is distracting the guards above the mine, Slaigh MacCooper infiltrate must said mine and destroy the security systems Penelope updated. After a series of events, Carmelita must defeat Le Dude in a one-on-one battle to save the Cooper Gang.

Mission Guide


List of Treasure

Vault Treasure

Pickpocket Treasure

Collectible Treasure


Flashlight Guards

Rooftop Guards


Once all of the treasure has been obtained, players gain access to the Alter Ego arcade machine inside of the hideout.

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