Caveman Costume is a obtainable costume in the game Thieves Be Forever. It is found in Episode 9: Cretaceous Madness!.


The costume makes Sly look burly and hairy. He is brown in color with a gray belly, it carries a stone wheel used for rolling and attacking too. To roll, press the Square button and you will roll the wheel, it is steered easily. To cancel the attack, just press the Square button again.


The costume is found in the mission Volcanic Entering in a clothes hanger just in Rex's room. The costume is also used in the various following missions, using it to run fast across traps. The most it is used is in the mission Rolling Downhill where you have to participate in a rolling competition.


  • The Stone Wheel is a reference to the first wheel in history.
  • The costume bears a resemblance to "Bob" Cooper.

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