Do the Dodo

Cat and Mouse is the fourth mission in Victorian England in Sly Cooper: Age of Thieves.


  • Destroy the Cheshire Cat Camera computer terminal
  • Evade capture

How to Complete & Dialogue

Gameplay starts with Bentley. When Bentley reaches the Cheshire Cat Camera closest to the hideout, which is where the marker for the mission is located, a cutscene will begin.

  • Bentley: (Bentley looks at the cameras.) Those things give me the creeps. Who's idea was it to actually make these things?! I need to find out how to get rid of these things. (Bentley sighs.) I wonder how Penelope is doing...

After the loading screen is finished, another cutscene begins. The scene switches to an indoor water park with Penelope in it.

  • Penelope: (Penelope looks around.) This place looks a lot safer than outside. I'll have to contact Ven about how rough his guards are. I don't want a repeat of Celtic Scotland. (Penelope gets out her binocucom and contacts Ven.)
  • Ven St. Claire: Bonjour, madame Penelope. What can I do for a pretty lady like yourself?
  • Penelope: Can you ask your men to be a bit more hospitable next time?! My time machine is broken because of them!
  • Ven St. Claire: Aw. Now that's unfortunate. Don't you worry, sweetheart, I'll just send Jenkins over to make a formal apology, and y'all will get along just fine after that, okay? Au revoir, ma cherie. (Penelope turns her binocucom off.)
  • Penelope: Great. I have to wait in here for somebody to show up. (Penelope notices the Cheshire Cat cameras looking at her.) Okay, what are these supposed to be?? (Penelope takes a long, hard look at the cameras and finally realizes what they are.) Those are cameras?? What's Ven thinking?! These cameras are creepy!! (Penelope slowly begins to feel paranoid as the cameras continue to stare at her.) Okay, I have to get rid of these things. There's just no two ways around it. They've got to go. And the ambience in this room is only making them creepier. (Penelope notices a pipe at the end of the pool.) Hmm... That must be the filtering system. Or does it lead to something else? My RC Boat will take care of this.

Penelope must place her RC Boat into the water with the circle button once the RC Boat is selected after holding down the R1 button. Once done, a brief cutscene will begin.

  • Penelope: (Penelope notices that there is a slight rumbling.) An earthquake? In England? It can't be! (Penelope soon realizes that the rumbling is coming from the pool. It turns out that it is, in fact, a wave pool.) You have to be kidding me!!

Penelope must guide her RC Boat through the waves by not jumping when the waves are approaching. The impact will only damage the boat and make Penelope fail her mission. Pressing the X button will make the boat jump over certain obstacles, such as mines and certain floating objects like plastic fish and crocodile buoys. Penelope can also fire a small laser gun with the square button to destroy obstacles in the boat's way. As the RC Boat gets closer to the pipe, the waves begin to get smaller, but more frequent, making jumping over waves a bit harder the closer the boat gets to the pipe. This also makes avoiding certain obstacles harder as well. However, with some proper maneuvering, Penelope's RC Boat can make it into the pipe. Inside of the pipe is a voodoo-powered computer terminal. Penelope must use the RC Boat's turret to destroy the computer terminal, and by extension, the Cheshire Cat Cameras. Once this happens, a cutscene begins.

  • Penelope: (Penelope's RC Boat gets out of the pipe and heads right back to Penelope, who catches the boat as a wave jettisons it out of the water. The Cheshire Cat Cameras deactivate all over the park.) Good. The cameras are off. That makes me feel-- (A Pesky Pony barges into the indoor water park with an army of Dastardly Dormice and Horrible Hares.)
  • Pesky Pony: Don't worry, luv! We'll take good care of you! Come here! (The pony snickers at Penelope.)
  • Penelope: What type of formal apology is this?! Ven.........Oh, that rotten, two-timing insect!!!! I'll electrocute him for this!!
  • Pesky Pony: Get her, chaps!! (The Pesky Pony leaves the room as the rest of the guards try attacking Penelope.)

Penelope must fight off all of the guards and escape capture at the same time. While Penelope isn't capable of swimming, neither are any of the guards. Hitting them into the water is strongly advised, as they will swarm Penelope at any chance they are given. Jumping on some of the buoys is also recommended, granted that Penelope can hit a guard off of the platform in time. Penelope must use the ladder in the north-west section of the room to climb up to higher ground, where she'll be able to fend off the guards easier, as the long fall will spell doom for them with a well-placed kick and punch to the face. There is a window up on the roof of the indoor water park. Walk up the stairs to the left of the previous platform while avoiding and/or fighting several guards to advance. There are several obstacles that have multiple ways around them that Penelope must get past. Once she reaches the ceiling and jumps out of the window, a cutscene will begin.

  • Penelope: (Penelope closes the window just as a Horrible Hare is about to follow her up. Penelope tries looking around from outside of the window. There are no more guards chasing her, but she chooses to stay outside just in case.) Phew. That was a close one. (A hand hits Penelope hard on the head, knocking her out. It is revealed to be Jenkins, the Pesky Pony from earlier. He grabs Penelope and carries her on his right shoulder.)

...Job Complete? (Jenkins seemingly sees the Job Complete and sheepishly looks at the camera, as if he were a bit embarrassed.)

Off with Her Head!!


  • The water park is based on Lewis Carroll's parodical poem, "How Doth the Little Crocodile".

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