Carnival Madness is the third mission in the level Victorian London in the game Sly Cooper: The Thief Returns.


  • Play the three carnival games to win a circus ticket

How to Complete and Dialogue

Thaddeus needs to be chosen for this mission. Once you reach he entrance of Riddle and Turbo's Funderland, he'll take out his binocucom.

  • Thaddeus: I say, this little gizmo looks good. But, how did you get yourself in a box Bentley?
  • Bentley: Technology Thaddeus, anyway, to enter the big top and foil Riddle and Turbo's plan, we need a circus ticket.
  • Thaddeus: Fine, continue.
  • Bentley: And to get those we need to win the three carnival games here with a high-scoring score.
  • Thaddeus: This should be easy.
  • Bentley: Not really, some of them are hard to do and if you lose even one, you'll have to start over!
  • Thaddeus: Not to worry, I have patience.
  • Bentley: You know how to put on your disguise right?
  • Thaddeus: I sure do old chap, just press the R2 Button to put on the disguise and fool guards.
  • Bentley: Okay then, win those carnival games! And don't fail them, again, you'll have to start over.
  • Thaddeus: As I said dear turtle, my patience is superior.
  • Bentley: Finally! I meet a ancestor with that!
  • Thaddeus: There are more?
  • Bentley: Talk to me when you've finished Thaddeus! (Bentley closes the binocucom)

Head to the carnival game with balloons and put on the disguise to fool the Stoat guard operating the stand.

  • Stoat: Well, well a visitor for our attraction!
  • Thaddeus: Greetings old chap, I've come here to win this game!
  • Stoat: Very good enthusiasm mate, now, this carnival game is good for beginners here. You see those balloons, grab them and throw them at the various targets that are passing through. Beat the high-score here and you'll be on your next step to win a genuine circus ticket mate!
  • Thaddeus: I am ready.
  • Stoat: Good, now let us start the engine and here it starts!

This minigame is almost exactly like the Shooter one from the Wild West and the Archer one from England. The targets are moving slowly and some move fast. 5 points for hitting a Fox guard, 10 points for hitting Turbo, 15 points for hitting Riddle, -5 points for hitting Dimitri, -10 points for hitting Guru and -15 points for hitting Sly Cooper. The time here is 1:20, once it's done either these cutscenes will occur.

  • Stoat: (if you lose) Oooh, bad luck there gov'nor, try again next time mate.
  • Stoat: (if you win) You beat my high score! You must be a genius at these! Now try and beat that other minigame, I'm sure it'll be harder than this one!

Head to tent with a female Red Fox guard in it.

  • Thaddeus: Excuse me, I'd like to participate here.
  • Fox: Well, aren't you the "strong" one. You sure you want to play this minigame sir?
  • Thaddeus: I have beaten the balloon minigame.
  • Fox: He sure was easy right? Anyway, just to let you know sweetie that this minigame is the second hardest one here. And I'll tell you the rules, as you can see, this one incorporates the classic game of hitting the bell with this hammer (she holds up the hammer) only if you hit it hard enough mate. But I see you're strong, I'm sure you won't have problems sir.
  • Thaddeus: This shall be easy for me.
  • Fox: I love that enthusiasm of yours, now for the controls. To really hit this bell, you'll have to hold the Square button. But keep a lookout for that blasted meter, if you hold the meter too high, you'll probably lose this one mate. Now, are you ready sweetie?
  • Thaddeus: I am sure.
  • Fox: Good, now stand over there and let the game commence!

As said by her, hold the square button when the yellow line from the meter in the left reaches the green area in which it'll be a hard hit. If you hit the yellow or red ones, those will make Thaddeus either drop the hammer or miss the bell. Once it is bitten 10 times, one of these cutscene will occur.

  • Fox: (if you lose) I doubted you sir, not much strong people are here.
  • Fox: (if you win) Great work there sir! You deserve that ticket! You even beat my high score! Ooh! Now if you could only beat Edward's minigame, watch out mate, he's not the smoothest talker nor the nicest one and I'm sure he has the hardest minigame here.
  • Thaddeus: Thanks for the advice, I'll be heading out.

Head to Edward's tent, he's a Roe Deer.

  • Edward: Quite the large person we have here, you here to play my game?
  • Thaddeus: Yes I am!
  • Edward: You do not look worthy to play this game, go back to that rubbish you call "home".
  • Thaddeus: I believe I have beaten the other two and I have the medals to prove it.
  • Edward: "sigh" You really want to see Riddle and Turbo's performance mate? But I'm sure you'll lose at this one!
  • Thaddeus: If I beat the other two minigames, I'm sure to beat yours.
  • Edward: You just don't give up do ya? Anyway, welcome to the Duck Retrieval minigame. As you can see, all you have to do is collect 5 ducks from this stream.
  • Thaddeus: Seems fair.
  • Edward: Unfortunately, I am not. I've placed bombs in the water to make sure you won't collect even one! You'll use this here "Magnet Fishing Pole" (Edward brings up the pole itself)
  • Thaddeus: Uhh, rubber ducks don't have metal.
  • Edward: I have placed metallic parts inside the ducks so they can be caught. Now stop talking and play the blasted game!
  • Thaddeus: I will so the controls?
  • Edward: Oh right. You control this fishing pole with your controller, whichever way you want it to go, just direct your controller to that place. To catch a duck, just place the pole on top of the duck and let nature takes it's course. If you catch a bomb, it's game over, you hear me?
  • Thaddeus: Yes, I'm ready.
  • Edward: Great now start the stream!

This minigame is almost similar to the fishing one from Feudal Japan. Like Edward said, move the pole with your controller in the direction you want. To catch a rubber duck, just place the magnet on top and wait until it catches itself. If you catch a bomb, it'll be game over. Once you catch 5 rubber ducks, either one of these cutscene will occur.

  • Edward: (if you lose) Hey old chap, you want some pointers on how to play this? Oh I already give them to you!
  • Edward: (if you win) Well I'll be, you actually won against my high score. On behalf of Riddle, I entrust you the Golden Circus Ticket!
  • Thaddeus: (small cutscene with Thaddeus collecting the ticket) thanks on that and farewell (Thaddeus walks away)
  • Bentley: So did you win it?
  • Thaddeus: I sure did turtle, and a golden one at that!
  • Bentley: Perfect! Now return to the Safehouse and start hatching a plan!

Job Complete

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