Carly Zorro's Secret Heist is an extra video in Sly Cooper: Thieves of the Multiverses starring and being narrated by the titular charactrer of the video, Carly Zorro and featuring the Cooper Squad. It is available after defeating Dimitrius in the Flip Flop Universe.


The video begins with the logo of TotM appearing before being replaced with a fallen bag of money, saying the title of the video. The screen changes to Rome, Italy, where Don Octavio and his mobsters were releasing infected rats onto the streets.

"As a master thief, there's one thing that must always be followed: Only steal from other criminals. Well, in this case, I need to stop a criminal before he gets all of Italy sick. And to do that, I had to be well sanitized."

The screen shows Carly in a black jumpsuit with a bandana over over her muzzle, standing on a lamp post. With sneaky maneuvering, she passes by various guards and into their base, the Colleseum. However, she bolts away from some dog guards that came down the hallway she was at first coming down. The vixen had hid in a bright candle lit room and was undetected. She had her bandana pulled down to her neck.

"When I heard that the Cooper Squad would be on Octvaio's case as well, I was expecting them to have barged in already" (Carly turns around and is surprised to see Constable Benjamin, Inspector Sleuth and Lieutenent Murphy in order tied down to three chairs with tape on their mouths, the trio glaring at her) "... not tied down to their seats. I would've untied them, but that would just make the job... complicated. (gives an apologetic smile and look before slowing backing to the door, Sleuth's muffled growling can be heard before she closes the door) I knew I had to come back soon, but first, the rats."

Carly waited for a guard to come up before knocking him out and pulling him. In the disguise, she makes her way to the center of the Colleseum, where the main "production" is. Surprisingly, there was lots of coins laying around.

"To my surprise, there was quite the loot there, too. But I'll get to that later." (runs out to the center and pulls the lever, turning off the machine) "I thought it was over, only to find that the old pussycat was watching the whole time."

Octavio claws at Carly, only for her to barely dodge and her disguise gets ripped. She quickly took it off anf threw it at the lion in the face, blinding him for a moment. She gets a kick into his side, but then he grabs her leg and throws her into the hard money pile. Meanwhile, the Cooper Squad try breaking their binds. Murphy accidently knocks over one of the big candles and by luck, it lands in in his tied back hands. An idea comes to Sleuth and even though his words are muffled, tells the Lieutenent to put the flame under the ropes holding the raccoon to the chair. The hippo does just that and the rope begins to snap. The scene goes back to the battle with Carly and Octavio, where Zorro is thrown back onto the ground and has several dirt spots and scratches on her body and her clothes ripped in a couple of places, a big one above her cleavage on her top. Octavio is about to throw down a large stone onto her, but was distracted by a sudden boom, gaining both opponents' attention. An entrance has smoke coming out of it.

"I guess it's true what they say. "You can't keep a hot tempered raccoon and his crew down forever.""

Sleuth is seen running out of the corrider, shock pistol in hand with an angry expression on his face. Octavio flings the stone in his direction, but the Inspector rolls underneath it before letting loose a shock bullet. It barely misses the lion as he is about to charge. Luckily, Carly manages to trip him with her leg. Octavio growls at her before he is suddenly kicked in the jaw line by Sleuth.

"Well, what do you know? You can teach old dogs and cats new tricks. And this kitty just learned to ly down."

Murphy and Banjamin are seen exiting the corrider, dusting themselves off from fighting the guards that are now knocked out. The vixen and raccoon smile at this.

"After this crazy night, I thought we could work something out. (smiles at Sleuth, only for him to smirk and point his shock pistol at her jaw, surprising her) But, he's not the predictable type. (smirks, making Sleuth a little confused) Then again, (grabs pistol at the handle, surprising the raccoon a bit that her hand is on his) when have I? (pulls Sleuth toward her with her free hand behind his head and kisses him pn his lips, making him go wide eye)

The two other members of the Cooper Squad watch in shock. After a few seconds, she releases from the kiss and darts off. There's a little bit of blush on the raccoon's cheeks as he turns around to see her. This moment was short lived as he realizes that she got away (again) and growls in frustration.

"Hey. Who said heists needed to be exactly by the book?"

Sleuth notices something heavy in his hat. Taking it off, he is surprised to see some of the coins from the arena in it along with a small fox shaped calling card attached to a piece of paper that had a formula on it. The calling card said, "I managed to pikpocket the antidote for you. I know you'll need it." The bottom had Carly's fancy signature. Carly smiles down at hims from the top of the Colleseum with a small bag in her hand.

"I only wish that one day, I would be able to steal something more valuable than any currency on the planet." (waves at the Coope Squad below, Sleuth sees this and smiles with a shake of his head before seeing Carly take off) "And somehow, I feel as though this is just the beginning of something amazing."

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