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Carly Zorro

"Why be a stuck-up cop when you can be a free thief? There's more adventure when against the law. Especially when you have a cute, feisty Inspector on your tail."

-Carly teasing Sleuth

Carly Zorro is an alternate version of Carmelita Fox from the Flip Flop Universe. She's the sixth alternate Carm encountered in Sly Cooper: Thieves of the Multiverses.



Carly is more similar to Carmelita than the Prime's other alternates, having the same color scheme but added with grey. Her navy blue hair is more flat and she has it in two low ponytails.

Zorro wears a mango colored vest with white on the collar with matching fingerless gloves. She has the same mid drift top, but wears shorts instead of a skirt and her boots are more like snow boots and grey. Around her eyes is a black thief mask.


Zorro is a spitting image of Sly, despite being Carmelita's counterpart. She is really flirty, especially towards to her crush, Inspector Sleuth. Carly also likes teasing him at times when things are not serious. Either way, she shows respect for all her comrades and a special kindness Sleuth. She prefers calling Sleuth by his real name, "Simon", even though it annoys him. Like Sly, Carly doesn't like other criminals and would do anything to bring them to justice. Zorro's a little laid back and calm in most situations. It's shown where she got angry at Sly when they first met for mistaking him for Sleuth's imposter that she's very protective of her favorite Inspector. The similarities between her and Sly has Carmelita once dub her a "Fox version of Sly", the opposite statement for Simon.


Unlike Carmelita, who's from a family of cops, Carly Zorro is the descendant of a family of thieves like Sly. What happened to her parents are unkown, but she started her thieving career as a teen. There's a high bounty on her by Interpol.

During a vacation in her hometown of Madrid, Spain, she was found by a new recruit of Interpol, Constable Simon Cooper. She immediately had a fondness of him since he looked no older than 16. She teased him how someone so young and cute could have made it into Interpol's ranks, which angered the raccoon and Zorro was then captured. Luckily, the janitor opened the closet where she was stashed and so escaped. Zorro found an anteater stealing a diamond that the Constable she had encountered was guarding. So she decided to help out by catching the lower thief and dropping him off at the police's feet. From a distance, she gave Simon a smile and he smiled back as a thank you while he was promoted to Inspector.

Over the next three years, Zorro kept escaping from Cooper time and time again. Wanting to know why Simon, who started going by "Inspector Sleuth" some time ago, was so up tight about being a police officer, Carly stole his cop file to find the reason. When Sleuth infultrated her hideout and got the file, she teased him a bit and then got away from an enraged Inspector. The vixen followed the Cooper Squad as they traveled the world to bust the Fiendish Five, her accidentally blowing her cover in Mesa City and the Kunlun Mountains, which led to a chase by Inspector Cooper. She watched Sleuth fight the members of the Fiendish Five from a distance. At Krak Karov Volcano, she was captured by Clokwerk and placed in a tube. Sleuth soon came and broke her out. She asissted Cooper in defeating and reclaiming his family heirloom, the Justice Raccoonus. But, he gave her a 10 second head start before he catches her. The vixen then kiseed him and cuffed him to the rail before fleeing.


After escaping from the Cooper Squad, Zorro returns home to Madrid, Spain. She takes the time to relax until she sees the Cooper Vehicle coming to return to Interpol Station. The vixen is shocked when the Cooper Squad is immediately arrested upon arrival for stealing, which couldn't be right because she was following them the whole time. Carly, being in love with the Inspector, starts working a plan to free them.

Flip Cops and Flop Robbers

While looking for a weakpoint in the station's walls, she encounters "Simon", but he was wearing thief clothes. She accuses him of impersonating Sleuth to get him imprisoned. The raccoon backs up and counters that his name is Sly Cooper and that he is from another universe, specifically being this universe's Sly's alternate self. Zorro questions if he means Sleuth, who was imprisoned for a crime he didn't commit and he passes out from finding that that he's the Inspector in this universe.


  • Zorro is the Spanish word for "fox".

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