"Do ye doubt me Wayne? Ya should rely on yer trusty Cap'n! Maybe I will keyhaul off your despair eh?"
— Peg-Roy to Whalencia when Whalencia tells him that he don't think they are going to destroy Cooper's ship

Captain Peg-Roy (real name Royner) is an anthropomorphic western gorilla, and he appears in the game Sly Cooper: Lost Legend Thief. He is the boss in the the Pirate Dream.


Along with his friends, Whalencia (real name Wayne) and Mandrella, Peg-Roy grew up on an orphanage in Mississippi. The trio's big hobby was pirates, and when they came of age, they conducted a hop brutal bank robberies, and their biggest weapon, was the pirate ship on wheels! They started to call themselves: "The Pirates". Unfortunately, for them, the authorities were hot on their heels...


Joining The Nightmares

One day, when The Pirates broke into a bank, they were surprised to see the bank depopulated, well, almost anyway. There was one man in the bank. He gave The Pirates an offer, to go into a dream, filled with pirates. The only thing the man, a.k.a Sandman, wanted them to do, was following: kill a blue dressed raccoon and his friends. The trio jumped at the proposal.

The Island Occupation

When The Pirates arrived in Sly's Pirate Dream, they quickly hired a hop of dream characters, and created a pirate-gang. They enjoyed the pirate life for a time, but when the Cooper gang arrived, they became serious again.

Encounters with the Cooper Gang

Sly saw Peg-Roy with his partners in a house near the harbour in the first mission. Peg-Roy was also followed by Bentley when the Cooper Gang needed to find out where his secret cave was. Peg-Roy did also attacked the Cooper Gang when they was building their own pirate ship.

After a series of jobs, and a defeated Mandrella, Sly and the gang attacked Peg-Roy and Whalencia with their own ship. After a while, Murray started a fight with Peg-Roy, and it doesn't took long before Peg-Roy was defeated. But he pressed a button on his belt, which sended him back to the real world.

New Leaf

Captain Peg-Roy, along with Mandrella and Whalencia, became actors in a film franchise, called: "Monkeys of the Caribbean along with a whale!"


Being a blue western gorilla, Captain Peg-Roy have a big appearance. He have a long, blue beard and dreadlocks. His left eye are completely red. Peg-Roy wears a black pirate hat with a yellow feather. He also wears a red bandana under the hat. A large black belt with a red button on it stretches over Royner's large belly. He holds a big saber in his right hand and an armored crutch in his left. He wears green, pirate-like shorts and he have a peg leg. A red towel hanging from his shorts. And his left hand is actually a robot hand! Peg-Roy have two scars in his face.


Peg-Roy has a strong personality. He is a big ego who never takes orders. He prefers to give. Unlike most other bosses, Peg-Roy has not had a rotten growth which made him criminal. He has instead had a fun childhood. And his adolescence... Was fun for "him". Many injuries after life as a robber has made him content and more vigilant. It can be seen in the mission: "Gorilla, Gorilla!" Although Peg-Roy is very self-centered, he is reasonable and fair to his childhood friends: Whalencia and Mandrella. He is also very irritable, especially, as himself says, "when pink hippos make fun of me!"


As shown in the boss battle, Peg-Roy can create cracks in the ground with his saber. He can create shockwaves by bumping his crutch in the ground too. He can also shoot a water beam from his saber. Peg-Roy is also good to steer ships. It's also showed that he is really good at persuasion, and threat other peoples. It's oftenly enough with a sentence for making guards obey him. His last and most insidious attack is to shoot a laser beam from his left eye.


Annoying Anglerfishes

These anglerfishes can actually breath air (everything is possible in dreams!). They are Peg-Roy's flashlight guards. Watch out, because they shooting electric orbs from their mouths!

Laughing Lobsters

These loud lobsters are one of two kinds of rooftop guards. They attacks with knifes and forks. Don't end up as their lunch!

Pirate Parrots

These unfriendly parrots are the the second kind of rooftop guards. They carry and attacks with small canons. You better watch it, because it hurts!



  • Peg-Roy's signature colour is turquoise.
  • Defeating Peg-Roy awards the player with the "Silver, Jim, and all those guys" trophy.
  • Defeating Peg-Roy without taking any damage awards the player with the "Tricky Monkey!" trophy.
  • Captain Peg-Roy has many similarities to John Silver from the movie Treasure Planet.

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