"Davy" Jones is an exclusive villain in the DLC pack "Honor Among Thieves" for Thieves Back in Action. He is the boss of Full Moon Bay.


With his childhood unknown to everyone, Jones was the most feared pirate of the seven seas. Able to induce fear into LeFwee, Lion S. Blandon and Black Spot Pete. He never appeared to the gang in Blood Bath Bay and was never referenced, he was out sailing, stealing other pirate's treasure and treasure specifically. He eventually, found a dark island in the south and he named it "Full Moon Bay" since it was always nighttime there and the full moon can always be seen. He assembled his crew which consisted of different sea dog guards (except the flashlight one). Sly and the gang found his location and headed there.

Episode 5: A Pirate's Life To Me!

Creating the Bay

Jones and his men build houses and rum taverns for his fellow shipmates and a port for ships to drop anchor. Jones also had skull pirate banners around town and ordered some of his sea dogs to secure the place all night. His base of operation was a cave in the far left of the map. Also, his ship "The Locker" is one of the ships in the port, it can be noticed because of it's black color and skull flag which is a weasel skull.

Recon Photo

While throwing recon photos, Jones exited out of his cave along with two flashlight guards. Sly threw a photo of him and headed to the Safehouse.


After some missions, it was time to sail after Jones. He was sailing to America to conquer it and rain terror on everyone. After sailing in the last missions, Jones suddenly appeared saying that he knew Sy and the gang were in Full Moon Bay and sailing after him. He threw shot down the ship's masts and jumped to the ship with his sword and challenged Sly to a sword duel.


The first phase consists of a sword battle against Jones, similar to Le Paradox's battle. Just hit him with the cane until you see a weak point then strike with the corresponding button. Jones will fall down and rise up quickly and go back to his ship, he will be shooting cannon balls at you and sending rooftop guards at you. Avoid the cannons and guards and he will come back this time in a non-sword battle. He will create slices with his blade, throw it or if you're too close, he will swipe quickly. To attack, wait until he throws his blade and hit him when he does not have it. The blade will return to him and he will push you back into another sword duel. Repeat the process and you will win.


Once you beat him, he will go back to his ship laughing at you and head off. Once he is far enough, Bentley will say "NOW!!" The Guru returns with Crusher and the Sea Serpent. Both destroy "The Locker" and Crusher grabs "Davy" Jones. He then proceeds to throw him at the Sea Serpent's mouth. Ending his terror and renaming "Full Moon Bay" into "Sunny-shore Bay".


Burly Mastiffs

They serve as flashlight guards

Sailor Beagles

They serve as rooftop guards

Darkwater Greyhounds

They serve as rooftop guards


Jones is ruthless, cruel, merciless, sarcastic and has no respect only to himself. Being a pirate, he is a killer and is willing to do so if someone annoys him too much or mess up on something.


"Davy" Jones is a brown anthropomorphic weasel. He looks more like how weasels are depicted in cartoons. He wears a black vest with a skull on it and wears a captains hat. He wears black boots and a hook along with a eyepatch.


Jones is a skilled sword fighter, able to keep up with Sly better than Le Paradox. He can also strike fear on everybody he meets, even with first impressions. He is also somewhat a great constructor, able to construct a whole city of pirates in a forgotten island.


  • Jones nickname, "Davy", is a reference to a pirate legend called "Davy Jones's Locker".
  • Jones sarcastic and funny personality might be a reference to the famous movie pirate Captain Jack Sparrow.
  • Jones resembles Smartass from the 1980s movie Who Framed Roger Rabbit only with pirate clothes.

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