" You won't get away!!"
— The Megatheriums when following you

The Burly Megatheriums are enemy guards that are encountered in the level Pleistocene South America in the game Sly Cooper 5: Thieves Be Forever. They serve as Ivor E's flashlight guards.


These bruisers walk hunched-back with arms dragging, they are brown in color with yellow eyes and dark gray claws, they wear a neck torch to help them see. They carry a bag on their backs where they store their sharp leaves which they can throw for distance. When running, they walk on all fours but get up once they are near you. They communicate with English language, growls, grunts and roars.


When close, they slash with their claws or bashing you vertically with their heads, when far, they throw their razor leaves very fast. Like flashlight guards, they attack you if hit more than 2 times.


  • Like the Wooly Mammoths in TiT, they talk English despite not being invented yet.
  • Likewise, only Ivor. E & the Megatheriums talk English, the macrauchenias & glyptodonts don't.

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