Off with Her Head!!

Bugging a Bug is the sixth mission in Victorian England in Sly Cooper: Age of Thieves.


How to Complete & Dialogue

Gameplay starts with Sly. Once he reaches the log flume, a cutscene will begin.

  • Sly: (Sly gets out his binocucom.) Bentley, I'm in position.
  • Thaddeus: Bentley is too busy researching the blueprints to the main building that Emma gave us. I'll help you for now, old chap. (Sly looks surprised.)
  • Sly: Really? Cool. So, any ideas on how we're going to get inside that building over there?
  • Thaddeus: Now, while I will inform Bentley of this later, I feel the need to talk to you about it first, seeing as you're out and about and all. I saw the blueprints. You'll be needing to find something called a ventilation system. Yes, that's it. It should be located somewhere close to that statue of the Eaglet over there, near the left side of the building's front entrance. Now that those smiling contraptions aren't working anymore, you should be able to get to it just fine.
  • Sly: Thanks.
  • Thaddeus: Not a problem, chap. I have to talk to you later, I must inform Bentley of the situation.

Get over to the Eaglet statue and crawl underneath of the vent to get inside of the main building. Once inside, a brief cutscene will begin.

  • Sly: (Sly sees that many rooms are locked.) Alright, Thaddeus, now what?
  • Thaddeus: Judging from locked door over there, I'd say that that is that wasp's office. One of the guards may have the key to the door, so search everywhere, okay chap?
  • Sly: Copy that. But wouldn't--
  • Thaddeus: Say no more, Sly, my boy, for I already have a plan. Just try using that vent over there, though that will need a key, too. Try searching in every room, and you should find it.

Sly will have to get past several guards, including three Pesky Ponies, and climb up a pipe at the far right of the room. It will lead directly to the open window of an employee's lounge. Sly must climb into the lounge and pickpocket a sleeping pony who has a key that Sly will need, though unfortunately, it won't get him into Ven's office. It'll get him into a small cafe' instead. The cafe' is located on the other side of the main lobby, which is where Sly managed to infiltrate earlier. By using the key, he'll be able to enter the cafe'. Sly will be greeted by laser security and searchlights. Sly must crawl under some tables and head toward a Horrible Hare who is too focused on his tea. This will get him another key. This key can access the repair department. The repair department is just underneath of the lounge and next to what looks like a printing press room where they make posters and other such things. Once in the repair department, Rail-Walk on some broken roller coaster rails to get behind a Dastardly Dormouse who has yet another key. This key doesn't seem to be useful at first until Sly gets to the printing press room. Sly must sneak past the hares and ponies on duty and reach an air vent, where the key will finally be useful. Once inside, Sly must reach the end of the vent to get to Ven's office. Once he reaches the office, a cutscene will begin.

  • Sly: (Sly places a device under Ven's desk.) Good. The job is done. Thaddeus, are you there?
  • Bentley: No, I am, Sly. I'm done researching the blueprints now, so I can resume talking to you. So, what did I miss?
  • Sly: I took that chip you gave me and planted it under Ven's desk. It should be able to pick up what he's saying.
  • Bentley: Excellent, Sly! Now head on back to the hideout before Ven gets back. (Sly and Bentley hear Ven approaching the office door.) Oh no, he's here! Find a place a hide, quick! (Sly hides behind a sofa. Ven opens the door to his office and quickly sits down on his chair. He eventually looks over at a picture of a beautiful mouse woman.)
  • Ven St. Claire: Oh, Belle, it's been too long since your passin'... You were always such a tender soul. Someday, I swear I'll see you alive again. I just know I will.
  • Sly: Huh? (Sly moves a bit so he can see Ven. Sly is shocked and confused to see a picture of what looks like a redheaded Penelope on Ven's desk holding an infant mouse in her arms.) Penelope???
  • Ven: Willington Inc. will pay for taking you from me. I know I keep saying that, but I mean it. I love you too much not to avenge your death. Benjamin needs you. I need you. I was assured by Willington Inc. that they would be able to make the safest rides ever, but they failed me. I hate failure. That rude little witch Penelope and that friend of hers won't go anywhere near Ben. As soon as you come back, everything will be okay again. It needs to be. It has to be. It will happen. It must happen. I will not let the shackles of death bind you and I to loneliness! I-- (The phone in Ven's office begins ringing.) Yes? This is Ven St. Claire speaking.
  • Sly: (Sly gets his binocucom out and whispers.) Look at that picture. Is that Penelope?
  • Bentley: Not from the looks of it, Sly. Penelope is a natural blonde. This woman is a natural redhead from the looks of it. But I have to admit that it's pretty shocking how similar she looks to Penelope. Hold on a second, I need to see who Ven's wife was. Okay, Sly, I found it. Her name was Belle St. Claire.
  • Sly: Wait. She's a country singer, isn't she?
  • Bentley: Yes, Sly. Yes she is.
  • Sly: I know about her! She used to be my favorite country singer! She was married to this nutcase? Wow. The things you don't know... (Ven hangs up the phone, only for it to ring again.)
  • Ven St. Claire: Great. Now what? (Ven picks up the phone again.) What is it? Ah, Jenkins, there you are. So, have you brought Penelope to the carousel? Good. You'll be getting a promotion and a raise for that. Is she hurt in any way? Scratch the promotion. You're just getting a raise. (Ven quickly leaves his office.)
  • Sly: Bentley, did you hear that?
  • Bentley: Yup. I'm heading over to the indoor section of the park. You head back to the hideout.
  • Sly: Got it.

All Sly needs to do is go back the way he came. Once he escapes the building, a cutscene will begin.

  • Sly: Hey Bentley. You have a plan?
  • Bentley: Yeah, but it's risky. (Bentley takes out a somewhat busted RC Car.)
  • Sly: (Sly looks surprised.) You fixed it?
  • Bentley: Just barely. A hit from anything and it'll fall to pieces. Anyway, that vent right there next to the one you just crawled out of is right where we need to put the RC Car in. The vent will lead right into the indoor section of the park, but from what I can see, there's laser security in it. I'll need to be careful.
  • Sly: And I was just about to ask why I couldn't do this myself. Alright, I'll head to the safehouse. And thanks for helping with the RC Car.
  • Bentley: No problem. (Bentley places the RC Car into the vent once Bentley manages to use a Sticky Bomb on it.)

Bentley's RC Car has a lot less health than previously, and the laser security will be quite tough to navigate around at times. Halfway through the vent, there will be a crossroad. To the left will be the intended destination, while to the right, there will be a Secret Bentley Mask. Bentley's RC Car must collect the mask, head back to the crossroad and continue onward, avoiding lasers as it goes. Once it reaches a dead end at the end of the ventilation system, a cutscene will begin.

  • Bentley: (Bentley turns on the RC Car's camera and a recorder-like device.) Good. Now I can listen to everything Ven and Penelope have to say. (Bentley sees Penelope tied up to one of the merry-go-round's horses.) What?!
  • Penelope: (Penelope is struggling to get free.) Let me go, you overgrown bumblebee!! I'm your boss!!
  • Ven St. Claire: Au contraire, madame. I'm the master here. Well, so long as you're in my park, of course. And no, you're going to be in here for quite some time until we figure out how the ritual will go.
  • Bentley: Ritual?
  • Penelope: Ritual? What kind of ritual? It'll just be a waste of time, you supersti-- (Ven shushes Penelope.)
  • Ven St. Claire: I'll have none of that kind of talk, mouse. What y'all don't understand is that I had a wife who loved me, and I want her to see just how much I love her by breaking the laws of nature just to bring her back from the grave. Mz. Ruby didn't lend me her spell book for nothing, you hear me, mouse?? I will see her again, even if I have to hang you by the neck to make that happen. You see, you're just a means to an end. I tricked you into thinking I was working for you, and now that we're here, my ritual to bring her back shall soon begin. Oh yes, she'll be so happy. I was just a broken young man when I met her, you know. She was just starting her career back then, and she wasn't so sickly. Well, not until a year after Ben was born. She would've recovered if it weren't for that despicable company. Y'all would've loved her voice, you know that?
  • Penelope: Y'all? There's only one of me, you dumb--
  • Ven St. Claire: What did I just tell you? I won't be having any of that, woman! And by y'all, I meant you and the rest of the Cooper Gang.
  • Penelope: I'm not a member anymore, remember? Now, let me go!
  • Ven St. Claire: Quite the opposite. You've always been a member. Once a Cooper Gang member, always a Cooper Gang member. Y'all can't be trusted, not in any way, shape or form. (Ven's antennae begin twitching.) Speaking of which, I smell rubber. Somebody's watching us. (Bentley tries to get the RC Car to move, but Ven quickly opens up the vent where Bentley's RC Car is, grabs it and throws it across the room, breaking it indefinitely.) Like I said. Y'all can't be trusted. It's like when it's Mardi Gras and everyone is in a costume. Y'all can't be trusted, you hear me? Now, you just stay there like a good lil' sacrifice, and I'll be back with a proper plan. Au revoir. (Ven flies to the exit.) Oh, and in case anyone tries getting in through the roof, here's this. (Ven activates laser security directly below the ceiling and leaves.)
  • Penelope: (Penelope struggles in vain to escape her bonds, but fails.) Oh, Penelope. What a little fool you were... (Penelope has flashbacks of Medieval England. She begins feeling guilty, but then all of a sudden gets angry.) Lousy Cooper Gang!! I wouldn't be in this mess if Bentley had only listened to reason!! (Bentley's microphone-like device, which was active for awhile, finally stops working. The scene switches to outside of the building, where Bentley slowly rolls away from the building on his wheelchair.)
  • Bentley: I'll rescue you, Penelope.........But it'll only be because I want answers.

Job Complete

Scavenger Hunt

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