Broadway Dancing is the sixth mission in Episode 3: The Big Apple in the game Thieves Be Forever.


  • Snag outfits
  • Perform a Sly Cooper performance for the guards


The marker is located just outside Broadway, Sly needs to be chooses for the mission.

  • Sly: Bentley, are you sure about this plan? Seems a little risky.
  • Bentley: You must be kidding! You almost killed yourself by using your Italian accent!
  • Sly: People like the accent, you somehow don't like it.
  • Bentley: Okay! Okay! Listen Sly, we need to get the attention of the guards.
  • Sly: By?
  • Bentley: Putting on disguises and doing a Broadway performance.
  • Sly: It was nice knowing you Bentley.
  • Bentley: Stop joking around Sly! We're in a crime city!
  • Sly: You're right, hehe sorry.
  • Bentley: Finally! Ok listen, you'll need to steal 4 costumes off the Broadway building, I already found the required outfits so those will be the one to steal.
  • Sly: Got ya, but, how do I enter? This place is closed tight!
  • Bentley: You're the thief here! Think of something!

To enter the building, go to the nearby pipes close to the doors and climb the parts until the top, a cockroach guard will be positioned near the hatch to enter, pickpocket the key and open the hatch. A loading screen will appear and you will be inside.

  • Sly: If I was a costume, where would I hide?

Make your way through the vent and you will fall down to a light in the ceiling. Various flashlight guards are patrolling around, if you get seen, it is job failed. Go the the right of the level and you will end up in a costume room, steal the costumes and a cutscene will play.

  • Sly: Okay Bentley, I got the costumes, what do I do?
  • Bentley: Errr, just start the performance yourself and leave our costumes close by so we can zip on.
  • Sly: Okay, see you in the performance!

Exit the door to ground level, watch out for the various flashlight guards patrolling, you can avoid them by hiding underneath the tables. Once you avoid them, get near the red curtain in the far left and you will start the minigame.

  • Announcer: Look at the crowd! Let me hear them!! "Crowd Chants"
  • Announcer: I said, LET ME HEAR YOU!! "Crowd Chants Louder"
  • Announcer: Well, well youse crowd are a tuff one huh? Now everybody, quiet! "Crowd silences except for a cricket"
  • Announcer: I also mean youse little bub! "Cricket silences"
  • Announcer: Hahahaha! Put yer hands together for the epic performance of the COOPERS!!!! "Crowd Chants Louder"
  • Sly: "Gulp" I hope those guys come fast. "Sly enters and minigame starts"

The performance is a play on the Sly Cooper series from Thievius Raccoonus to Honor Among Thieves. The mechanics are the same as Murray's Geisha Dance and Carmelita's Bellydancing. The play starts with Sly climbing the Paris rooftops for the Police File, while also dancing his moves. Once he gets the File, he exits the building and Carmelita arrives and shoots him, avoid the electric shots by hitting the requiring buttons. Finishing, Sly enters the van and escapes. The curtains close and start with the van reaching a stormy place, Sly dancing to the music as he goes through the levels of Welsh Islands, he then battles Raleigh and defeats him, next is Mesa City, at the end, he defeats Muggshot, next is Haiti, here Sly performs the famous Deadly Dance and defeats Mz. Ruby, the next one is Kunlun Mountains, here he defeats Panda King and heads to Russia. The scene starts as Sly jetpacks to a Clockwerk and defeats him. The curtains close and open with the Cairo Museum, Bentley & Murray appear doing their original things. It ends with Carmelita chasing the gang through the museum and then ends up in the van. Sly visits the original places he went in Band Of Thieves, beating the bosses and on Murray & Bentley's case, Rajan & Jean Bison. It reaches to Clock-La and fight to the finish there, it ends with Bentley's legs crippled and them leaving the gang. The curtains close and it reveals Sly getting crushed by the Mutant Primate, remembering his past. Going to the various levels and beating the villains, they reached Dr. M and he was defeated, leaving Sly with "amnesia".

  • Announcer: That there was truly a work of art!!
  • Announcer: I'll have to see an encore!! Who wants an encore! "Crowd chants Encore"
  • Sly: Let's get out of here guys!
  • Bentley: Agreed

Job Complete

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