" You think I cheat!? I'm the Red Baron you stupid rat!"
— Bravado insulting Sly


Bravado without color

"The Red Baron flies again!"




Canada Goose


EAGLES Tournament


Biplane, Judo moves

Current Status

Alive, leader of EAGLES tournament

Voice Actor

Lorein Hoskins


Red Baron

Bravado is an exclusive villain in the DLC pack "Honor Among Thieves". He is the boss of Amsterdam, Holland.


Bravado, having grown into a high-flying family of pilots. Bravado was best friends with Penelope, playing with toy planes and being fans of the ACES Competition. As a grown up, Bravado joined the ACES Competition as "The Red Baron" and was the best pilot there was, Penelope, jealous, created a suit named the Black Baron to compete herself. The suit was equally famous as Bravado until it lost against Sly Cooper. Bravado's pilot skills weren't harmed until he created his own competition, called EAGLES Competition. Many skilled pilots entered and even Toothpick was entering.

Episode 3 HAT: Sky-High Dogfight

EAGLES Tourney

Bravado held a hotel as the resting rooms and had a large mansion that he lived. He had the same rules as Penelope, which was not going outside or his guards will catch you and beat you to a pulp. He appeared to the pilots to taunt them and mention the rules.

Photographic Airline

When shooting photos, Sly snapped one of Bravado while he was walking to his mansion mumbling to himself.

Unexpected Arrival

While messing with Team Toothpick or "Cowboy Ropers", Bravado hacked into Bentley's computer and told them that whoever is messing with the plans will be disqualified.

Operation: Raccoon Soarer

After beating the Cowboy Ropers, it was time to face the "Soaring Eagles" (Bravado's Team), after beating his pilot guards, the Red Baron finally appeared with his blimps and jet plane to defeat Sly. Not having the windmill glitch, he had to face him and the transportations.

Battle in the Sky

The dogfight is in the sky obviously, you start as the biplane against the Red Baron & his blimps, jet. If you get near the blimps, they will shoot you and the jet will fly around fast, doing massive damage. Bravado can shoot slightly more damaging projectiles at you, he is also less clumsy flying and moves expertly. To hit him, just shoot him until he is down.

Brawl in the Air

Getting his biplane severely damaged, Bravado landed in his jet with Sly following. After talking, Bravado battled Sly in the wing of the jet plane.

2nd Battle

The battle takes place in the left wing of the jet plane. Bravado commands his blimps to shoot various areas of the wing, he will quickly peck if you're too close, to attack, he can soar at you, he will do an earthquake on the plane or do judo moves. To attack him, wait until he does his earthquake attack and he will be tired, attack him in this state many times. He will fall of the plane and hang to the edge, his rooftop guards will appear so defeat them. Repeat the process and in the last phase, he will fight you with both his rooftop guards. Repeat the process and you will win.


After defeating him, Bravado admitted his defeat and kept being the Red Baron.


Bully Rams

Serve as flashlight guard

Holland Hares

Serve as rooftop guards

Holland Pigs

Serve as rooftop guards

Giant Wolf

Although not guards, he patrols the grassy area and will attack you or the guards.


These have searchlights and shoot you if you get seen.


Bravado is somewhat sarcastic with his teammates, but doesn't like tresspassers in the area and rule breakers. In the air, his true colors are shown, he insults Sly for "cheating" and tries to kill Sly for this. Deep down, he is nice and not evil at all.


Bravado is a Canada Goose. He has a black neck with brown feathers in color with a black beak. He wears a red pilots vest with red goggles on his head. He talks with a Dutch accent.


Bravado is an expert pilot, able to do marionets in the sky with his trusty biplane the "Golden Eagle". He also has lots of money, able to hire infinite guards and have a large mansion. He also learned judo by unknown means. He also can somehow hack into computers.


  • Bravado is the only villain in the Sly Cooper series who is not truly evil.
  • Despite being a Canadian Goose, he was born in Holland and speaks with a Dutch accent.
  • Bravado's name could come from bravery, this suits him, being a pilot.

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