The Brainiac Aliens are enemy guards encountered in the level The Moon in the game Sly Cooper 5: Thieves Be Forever. They are one of the two rooftop guards that L.A.R hired.


These intelligent aliens are pink in color and have a serpentine body with razor blades for hands like the Hopping Vampires in China. They wear a blue clear helmet where the massive cranium is and have beaks for mouths, they have blue eyes with owl-like eyebrows. They communicate with alien-noises.


When close, they do a X-Shaped slice with their blades, when near, they shoot a pink energy ball at you, when far or unreachable, they shoot a pink slice of energy that does very good damage. Unlike other rooftop guards, they take 6 hits to defeat.


  • The name of these aliens is often said to be Cerebullum, which also means a part of the brain.

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