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"Bozos with Boos and Booze" is the penultimate mission in "Rob-bin' King" in Sly Cooper: Thieves of the Multiverses.


  • Take out the bartender.
  • Intoxicate the Knights of the Round Table.

How to Complete and Dialogue

Murrray will have to go to the rooftop in front of the tavern. There, he will pull out his binocucom as the remaining four Knights of the Round Table arrive.

Bentley: Ah, right on schedule. Just like Pence said they would. Murray, we need you to take control of the bar in the tavern. There, you will mix very strong booze into the beer, and it should really make anyone who drinks the stuff fall foward!

Murray: Uh, are you sure that's really a safe idea, Bentley? I don't want them to fall out dead.

Bentley: Don't worry, Murray. According to Pence, those guys have been BEGGIN' for something stronger than beer. So we might as well give them what they want, right?

Murray: You and that counterpart of yours are starting to scare me, Bentley. Just to let you know.

Sly: (screen fuzzes a bit before showing Sly) Just ignore that part, Murray. I actually found out that someone (sends a glare to someone off screen) had slipped some of it into his drink.

Pence: (off screen) I told you that was an accident!

Sly: Yeah right.

Murray: Uh, I'm going in now.

Enter through the back door of the tavern. The bartender, a Hefty Horse in bartenders' clothes comes in and sees Murray.

Bartender: Hey! What are you doing back here?!

Murray: The Murray has come to relieve you from duty!

Bartender: I think not, Lil' Mar! I don't know what your business here is, but I won't let you do it!

The bartender will throw empty barrels at Murray. They can be easily smashed with a punch. The pink tornado is the best way to deal damage to the horse. Once his life is out, he had been pched into a barrel, where Murray traps him inside and gets dressed into the bartender clothes, complete with a mustache. He heads out into the bar stand. He isn't warmed up to Sir Arpeth so easily, though.

Arpeth: Who are you?

Murray: I happen to be the manager's assistant. He won't be coming up for a while due to a major spill so I'll be serving for you right now.

The minigame starts up.

Bentley: Okay, Murray, this is simple. You can move with the left analog stick and send mugs down the tables to the patrons by pressing the X Button. Those guys aren't patient, Murray, so you'll have to be fast. And remember, our main objective is to knock out the Knights of the Round Table. So you better make sure you get them when you get the chance.

The gameplay is similar to the minigame in "Saloon Bug" in TiT, but the score keeper will only go up once a Knight is served. Once done, a cutscene shows everyone in the tavern but Murray will be out cold.

Sly: Excellent, Murray! We've got clear area to save Carmivere and help Rob reclaim the throne. But get out of there before te smell gets to you!

Job Complete

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